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Why Every Woman Should Own a Diva Cup By Now

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Diva Cup Review | TheBlogAbroad.com

Disclaimer: Men, if you’ve gotten so far as to Googling what a diva cup is used for and you’re still convinced that this is something you should read, I’m not sure if I’m impressed or creeped out. Either way, you’ve been warned. Today, you can’t sit with us. This read is for my ladies. Thank you, come again, bye.

So ladies, as a VIP member of the monthly uterus warzone, I’ve somehow been cursed with heavier flows than the average woman should have.

So much so, that when the Bible refers to Moses parting the Red Sea, it’s actually just a reference to my vagina.

And the Lord saith unto [wo]man, the struggle beith real.

Diva Cup Review | TheBlogAbroad.com

But unreasonable abdominal pain and murder scenes in our panties aside, (seriously, if you’re a guy, that would’ve been your last warning to bounce), there’s a fundamental need to have a product that acts as our friend during this lonely monthly period (t’hehe).

Not to mention the fact that your little friend doesn’t take a vacation even when you do.

You could be pacing the streets of Brussels on your way to a date, only to let them know you have to make a pit stop, but that pit stop is actually a visit to Hell, and that Hell is the volcanic eruption of blood from your vagina. True story, yo. 

Or hiking up Machu Picchu. Or on a 4AM bus to Seville. Or camping in a desert in Jordan.

Diva Cup Review | TheBlogAbroad.com

I’ve been recommended the Diva Cup on so many occasions, but I just couldn’t get myself to fork out almost $30 to stick a cup up my vagina.

I mean, what has my life come to? Why can’t I just have a penis? Or like a 3rd boob — down there. Or any other type of body part where a stream of ketchup couldn’t come out of. Willing to negotiate here, God.

So I finally took this puppy for a spin, (sorry to bring innocent puppies into this visual by the way), and 15+ countries later of experimenting with this divine invention, I think it’s time the rest of womanhood joined me in this natural world wonder. But let’s answer some basic qusetions first…

What is the Diva Cup?Diva Cup Review | TheBlogAbroad.com

In short, it’s a menstrual cup made of silicone used to catch blood inside your vagina, rather than a tampon or maxipad that just absorbs it.

It’s environmentally-friendly and super convenient for frequent travelers who don’t always have access to tampons or pads right away.

And while the photo above makes it look like sorcery (it actually kinda is), you’d be surprised how natural it feels, and how active you can be while wearing it.

Let me try and cover some common concerns and questions…

Can you pee without taking it out?

100%. While my first time using it was on St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin (VERY STUPID, I DO NOT RECOMMEND), I broke my seal and was ready to unleash the waterworks, but had this flawed illusion that my diva cup would splatter out in sync with my urine, and just ricochet off the toilet and into another stall, because what is gravity and logic when you’re inebriated?

While basic anatomy failed me at the time, just remember that your urethra (where your urine comes out), and your vaginal opening (where your diva cup is inserted), are two separate areas, and one doesn’t interfere with the other when nature calls.

Diva Cup Review | TheBlogAbroad.com

Is it hard to insert it?

Yes. It’ll take at least two cycles before you’re fully comfortable with the process, and you’re going to have to try a few positions (that’s what she said) before you figure out the best angle that works for you.

It’s important to note, however, that it is not inserted like a tampon. A tampon goes straight up, while the cups should more or less go back, rather than upwards.

Even weirder, you’ll know it’s in correctly when you stick it in there (again, that’s what she said), you give it a slight twist (lol, that’s what she said), and then gently pull down so that you hear a small *POP* which lets you know the opening of the cup has been expanded (I don’t think she would say that).

How often should you empty it?

This will vary and depend on your flow. If you’re heavy like me, you should be able to go up to 8 hours without worrying. On my heaviest days though, I try to empty it every time I use the toilet, or maybe every 4-5 hours. It’s best to at least check it and rinse it out every 12 hours to help with the life span. And every time you sneeze of course. ‘Cuz bloodbath.

Diva Cup Review | TheBlogAbroad.com

How comfortable does it feel?

Once you learn how to adjust it to your body, you shouldn’t feel a thing! You will arguably feel a tampon more than you will feel a diva cup.

Funny story about tampons — the first time I tried one, my period came in the middle of a high school basketball game. I had always used pads prior to that, but my coach gave me a tampon to use since that was all that was available, and I legit had no idea what I was doing and inserted it with the cardboard still on the outside, thinking how the entire hell do women wear this?! Ha, good times. Been scarred by tampons since. Literally.

Will it spill?

During the day, it shouldn’t if you insert it correctly. But overnight, more than likely. You should wear a pad your first few times trying it out just in case you’re still learning the best position for it. But the spillage overnight will be minimal if anything.

Can you do vigorous physical activity with it in?

Vigorous physical activity such as HIKING MACHU F*CKIN’ PICCHU?! Absolutely. Does it look like my uterus is erupting in this photo? No? Because it was. But my diva cup had my back. And uterus. It always has my uterus.

The Best Way To See Peru + Machu Picchu | TheBlogAbroad.com
No big deal, just hiked Machu Picchu while WWIII is quietly taking place in my vag.

Is it hard to take out?

Again, that’s what she said. But also, sometimes. I have fond memories of reciting 911 calls about how my vagina swallowed my diva cup and that I might die because of it. Not melodramatic at all.

You may have to pinch, twist, and cry a few times before you’re completely comfortable with the process. It can be tricky, but nothing a bit of practice can’t perfect.

And in case you’re still struggling, here are 75 things to do when your menstrual cup is stuck inside of you. Thanks, Buzzfeed!

How do you clean them?

Each time you empty out your cup, you should rinse it out with warm water. Yes, this gets tricky in public restrooms –*envisions me waddling down a restroom, pants straddled around my ankles, hovering over the sink, hiding my cup, spilling my dignity simultaneously*

And after your cycle is finished, give it a good boil for 5 minutes in hot water. The only kind of soap you should apply should be unscented, water-based, and oil free.

Which type should you buy?

Diva Cup Review | TheBlogAbroad.com

There are two models of the Diva Cup — model 1, for those who’ve never given birth, and model 2, for those who have. The main difference between them, is that model 2 is a bit wider and shorter, but essentially, they work exactly the same. You can click the photos below to go directly to Amazon to purchase.

Did I mention how long these last too? While some switch them out every few years, it largely depends on your unique vaginal pH, diet, and body acidity or alkalinity, to know when it’s time to replace it.

It’s recommended that you treatchoself vag to a new one each year, but the better you wash and take care of it, the longer it will last. And think of all the tampons/pads you’d buy in that timespan, and then imagine the pile of garbage from all that too.

Not only do you deserve better for yourself, but so does your uterus. Can I get an A-WOMEN? AWOMEN. Click To Tweet

If you enjoyed this review, head on over to Amazon here and getchu one!

Anybody else swear by their diva cup? Feel free to share your experience below! And if you’re struggling with your diva cup like this gal, curious to hear from you as well!

Everything You Need To Know About a Diva Cup | TheBlogAbroad.com
You in it to PIN it?

Disclaimer: Links in this post are affiliated which come at no extra cost to you. If you enjoy my content and want to support this site, buying from Amazon is a great way to do so. Thank you in advance and can’t wait for you to shove a cup up your vagina try your first diva cup out too! 😉 

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