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The Ultimate Guide to Surviving St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin!

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St. Patrick's Day in Dublin |
I swear I was Irish in another life… or this one // Dublin, Ireland

If you were one of the [un]lucky folks that tuned into my impressively inebriated St. Patrick’s Day snapchats live from Dublin, then you might get a chuckle at the irony from my usage of “survival” in this title, because almost two weeks later, I’m barely recuperating.

But let’s face it, when it comes to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, it simply doesn’t get any bigger than being in the heart of Dublin to discover your hidden Irish heritage. And I got to spend it with 70+ long lost Irish cousins from around the world.

It. Was. Incredible.

Shamrocker Adventures |
Pregaming before the parade! // Dublin, Ireland

On my Shamrocker Adventures Tour, we not only survived St. Patrick’s Day, but we looked damn good doing it. So here’s a quick how-to, what-to, and yes-to for when you get the amazing opportunity to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day in the land of green and Guinness!

TIP #1: Surrender your liver in advance.

St. Patrick's Day in Dublin |
Guinness looks good on me // Dublin, Ireland

This isn’t admitting defeat as much as it is preparing your body for the copious amounts of Guinness and (oh my Guinness) there will be lots.

And if you can just accept that you will fail at total coherence beforehand, you can at least hate yourself significantly less the morning after during prime hangover hours. Ah, yes… the compromises of life.

TIP #2: Channel your inner marathon-runner and pace yourself.

St. Patrick's Day in Dublin |
I’m an optimist. The glass is always half full. No, really. It’s half full. // Dublin, Ireland

Despite not having a marathon-bone in my body, endurance is my middle name that’s what he said. And even though I had my first Irish cider at the completely reasonable and acceptable hour of 9AM, I made sure I was either drinking water in between my pints or not finishing more than one in an hour (#rookie).

Because Lord knows there’s nothing cute about being obliterated before noon. So maintain a cool and collected buzz by pacing yourself throughout the day, but gradually increasing said pace after 6PM, because duh, and peer pressure and stuff.

TIP #3: Splurge on that obnoxious green. Your photos will be worth it.

St. Patrick's Day in Dublin |
If only this hat were socially acceptable to wear on a daily basis. Best $10 ever spent // Dublin, Ireland

If you can manage it, buy your St. Patrick’s Day attire before you get to Dublin, because you’ll spend probably 50% less on that never-to-be-worn-again green tutu/leggings/pearl necklace.

I was able to snag an “Irish For a Day” sash at Walgreens back in Chicago, but picked up a $5 mini flag in Dublin, as well as a pint glass (because day drinking), and the coolest hat you ever did see. Man, I was stylin’.

TIP #4: Get to the parade early and wait towards the middle.

St. Patrick's Day in Dublin |
One of 10 too many selfies on the day // Dublin, Ireland

Dame Lane is where we claimed our spots right around 11AM. The parade started at 12, but the floats didn’t start passing us until a little after 1 o’clock, so definitely wear comfortable shoes and bring some booze beverages to drink in the meantime.

Disclaimer: Public drinking is illegal in Dublin — but kind of in the same way that peeing in the shower is too. You probably shouldn’t, but no one will stop you if you did. At least in my experience (both peeing and drinking, ha). Kidding. I think.

TIP #5: Book it with Shamrocker Adventures!

St. Patrick's Day in Dublin |
REPRESENT // Dublin, Ireland

While it’s easy to show up and do this on your own, it’s 10x more fun when you’ve got a busload of fanatics from around the world anxious to get their St. Paddy’s celebrating on with you!

We face-painted, pre-gamed, and pub-crawled as a team, and that’s always more enjoyable when it’s with people you’ve already spent a couple days touring around Ireland with.

IMG_5062 (1)

You’ll have a local guide who knows all the best spots for eating and drinking, so you’ll be in great company! Can’t recommend it enough! Hopefully you get Daiti or Kim!

St. Patrick's Day in Dublin |
Kim, one of the tour guides! // Dublin, Ireland

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Survival Guide to St. Patrick's Day |
GIN, GIN, GIN! I mean — PIN, PIN, PIN!

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