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How Donald Trump Succeeded At Showing The World Everything Wrong With America

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Donald Trump Is Everything Wrong With America | TheBlogAbroad.com

If Donald Trump were a flight, he’d be a one-way ticket to hell.

Yet half the country has already boarded the plane, and despite the terrible turbulence [his track record], unstable engine [his mind], and a pilot so unqualified to run anything besides his mouth, we still have people willing to take flight to Mount Misogyny anyway.

As a travel influencer, it’s not only my obligation to use my platform responsibly, but it’s my moral duty to also use it critically to help contextualize the status quo of the Divided United States of America, especially if it fell under a Dump Truck Trump presidency.

But I’m not here to talk to Trump supporters, because I don’t feel like bungee-jumping down to their level to pain my brain with the task of even slightly trying to justify the filth that has lingered for far too long and has now become fungi that you should probably see your doctor about.

But if you were anywhere near social media in the last 24 hours, you’ve probably seen another deplorable but expected and not too surprising, headline announcing a new outrageous comment our potential Commander-In-[mis]Chief has made.

Donald Trump Is Everything Wrong With America | TheBlogAbroad.com

It’s been one of the most vulgar comments to surface (but certainly not the most vulgar to leave his mouth), and if you don’t have time to watch the clip and see the transcript HERE, it basically reveals a conversation the Trumpster had with Billy Bush about the times he’s made passes at married women.

He goes on to boast about how his status and fortune give him the right to see a woman he’s attracted to and “grab her by the p*ssy” because white, male privilege has been a shield of protection for even the bro-est of comments he’s ever said, and we’ll get to that more in a minute.

Let Barack Obama even whisper a fraction of the misogyny Donald Trump has, and the conservative right would be crying to lynch “send him back to Africa”. As if our ancestors came to this country voluntarily to begin with. Bye, FeStupid!

You’re not going to enslave people to help build and develop your infrastructure, and then cry for them to go back once their work is done.


Donald Trump Is Everything Wrong With America | TheBlogAbroad.com

As an American abroad, I’ve been trying to keep my Trump exposure to a minimum.

But it hasn’t helped that in 90% of the countries I’ve been to this year, one of the first things a local asks me upon learning I’m from the US is, “What the hell is wrong with Americans and their Trump?”

And when I can’t pass as a Canadian, I’m obligated to answer for the sane population who sees right though his racist, misogynistic, and pompous ways.

Donald Trump Is Everything Wrong With America | TheBlogAbroad.com

A few weeks ago, a funny article by The Washington Post surfaced — “Americans vacationing overseas find themselves on a Donald Trump Apology Tour” basically capturing the essence of my life through 15 countries of travel this year.

My favorite line came recently from Havana, Cuba when a man told me that if Trump ever came to Cuba, they’d roast him like a pig, making hand gestures as if turning pork to roast on a stick.

And whether it’s the 273 people, places, and things The Talking Cheeto has insulted on Twitter, there really are no limits to what this brainless specimen can achieve when it comes to Professional Degradation of the Masses.

Donald Trump Is Everything Wrong With America | TheBlogAbroad.com

But it got to a point where I had to stop apologizing on his behalf. Because it became evident that the more outrageous he became, the tighter people clutched to his p*ssy ballsacks. And like the puppet master he is, he fools people into massaging his testicles daily. *puns always intended*

You see, Donald Trump, in all his vile ways, still represents a large percentage of US citizens. So I’ve taken the worst aspects of his existence [outside of his existence, that is] and broke down the five major issues as to why he and his minions are everything wrong with this country.

And before the Trumpanzees try to strip me of my American card with their ever so eloquent “go back to Africa then” comments, let’s first talk about blind patriotism.

Donald Trump Is Everything Wrong With America | TheBlogAbroad.com

If you’re so blinded by the ways of your country and politicians because you refuse to see any wrong in it, then you’re not only endorsing its wrongdoings, but you’re not helping foster a progressive society either.

I love my country. And I love it enough to critique it when it’s wrong.

Like potentially giving the keys of leadership to one of the most powerful countries in the world to one of the most psychotic, deranged, and disgusting men in the world. Correlation, where art thou?!

Just like the people who care the most about you in your life — they criticized and challenged you more than anyone else, because they were invested in your future.

Your parents, teachers, professors, and that really strict aunt were all harsh and critical of your bad choices because they wanted and expected better from you.

Your love for a country should not equate your blind allegiance to it or a candidate with the potential to run destroy it.

So back to five of America’s flaws that Donald Trump succeeded at exposing…


Whether he’s boasting about the beauty of his daughter like any other father, by describing her “tits”, or casually reminding you how his money equates power to do as he pleases to someone he’s attracted to, it alludes to the many cases around the US that promotes rape culture and places blame on the victim instead.


I love my first amendment right, and it’s because of it, that I’m able to write this post now, calling Donald Trump the piece of lingering fungus that he is.

But at what point will Donald Trump understand that no matter how little his brain is, it doesn’t mean he’s able to say any ol’ thing that comes across it, however short the distance.

Americans continue to abuse this right with the rise of social media, and because of bigots like him who continue to get away with derogatory comments that are a publicized apology away if deemed lewd enough, it leads me to my next point…

Donald Trump Is Everything Wrong With America | TheBlogAbroad.com


I get it white people. The idea of hearing that you’re privileged makes you uncomfortable. I really do get it. But if you’ve never had it broken down to you, listen closely to what I’m about to say.

White privilege is NOT something you should feel guilty about, as long as you acknowledge it exists.

This isn’t when you tell me about all two of your black friends, or talk about that one time you shook hands with a Muslim person.

It’s about understanding that you have always been catered to as a first-class citizen. Everything in the great spectrum of life caters to your existence, and everyone else as secondary.

Your actors and actresses can be seen in any type of role on television or in movies, you never have to think twice about your name being the reason your resumé doesn’t make it to the pile with the rest, and most importantly, the thought of a police officer pulling you over for something as minuscule as a broken tail light doesn’t make you think about a death sentence being but a paranoid trigger away.

That, my friends, is white privilege. And here’s a list of 160 other examples if you’d like to gain further perspective. I strongly encourage you to. This is how we progress!

White privilege is the fact that some of the things spewed from Donald Trump’s mouth that he gets praised for, Barack Obama would be vilified instead.


Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, Muslims, and Asians alike all have accounts of times they’ve felt their ethnicity was the reason they were mistreated.

The reality is we all embody different layers of stereotypes. Stereotypes is what we use to compartmentalize our thinking and actions. But when we allow those negative stereotypes to dictate our actions to the point that we’re consciously wronging those who dare to exist in the skin they were born in, then we’re failing so hard as human beings.

When Donald Trump called Mexican immigrants rapists and murderers, and people applauded that, what exactly does that say about us collectively as a country?


Xenophobia — an unreasonable fear or hatred of foreigners or strangers. I feel like that just described a majority of rural America. And Donald Trump cleverly plays on that fear.

Because of so many Americans never leaving their home state, let alone their home city all their lives, they’re only surrounded by people who look, think, and act exactly like them.

So the exposure to anything even remotely different leads them to these irrational fears of being outnumbered or taken over.

How in the world are we letting ISIS scare us when we’ve got police officers armed with military weaponry doing a pretty good job of that by themselves?

Our lack of gun control alone has killed more people and done more damage than ISIS ever will. WHEN WILL YOU UNDERSTAND THAT, AMERICA?

Donald Trump Is Everything Wrong With America | TheBlogAbroad.com

Everything about Donald Trump is simply everything that’s wrong with America.

And the worst part is, Americans don’t realize how our next U.S. President doesn’t JUST effect us as Americans. It effects our international allies, foreign trade/affairs, and even which countries will allow us into theirs without visas when we travel, as we slowly become the most hated people on the planet, known as the idiots who elected a talking fart for a national leader of 320 million people.

And lastly, don’t let what Donald Trump said about how he takes advantage of married women be the reason you finally changed your mind about him.

Donald Trump Is Everything Wrong With America | TheBlogAbroad.com

Because if his hate speech towards Mexican people, wanting to ban all Muslims from entering the country, irresponsibly slandering important trade countries like Japan and China, or my favorite, referring to all blacks as “poor, thuggish, and unemployed“, didn’t already offend you, then I’m not convinced you, yourself, are really passing with flying colors in the Decency Department either.

Donald Trump has shown his ass to the world every chance he gets. But let’s all hope his final mooning of slander from the past 24 hours ends the biggest joke in American History.

Please get out there and vote! If you think your voice doesn’t count, imagine 10 million others sharing that sentiment, which could potentially decide the election.


Donald Trump Is Everything Wrong With America | TheBlogAbroad.com

So let’s ban together and make our voices heard in the polls. If you’ve voted in the past, changed addresses, or you’re not sure if you’re registered, visit IWillVote.com to check your registration or make a new one.

And if you’re an American abroad like me, it’s not too late to register for an absentee ballot, but you must act quick, like in the next 48 hours! The process takes less than 5 minutes, and can be done HERE.

You have the option of getting your absentee ballot electronically or by mail, and you can post it to your US county voter registration office, or drop it at your local US embassy of the country you’re currently in.


Please share this message with all your American friends. And let’s save the country and globe from the only man the world knows is capable of starting WWIII.

Edited to update: Now that he’s president, you can expect me to be abroad consecutively for the next 4 years.

How Donald Trump Succeeded At Showing The World Everything Wrong With America | TheBlogAbroad.com
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