About Me

About Me

The Best & Worst Things About Traveling While Black
Strolling through adulthood like… | Lima, Peru

First of all, I’m not sure how you found me, but I’m a strong believer in everything happening for a reason. Ripples colliding to form a tidal wave of this very moment in time.

So however you found me in this internet world equipped with mediocre click-bait articles (what I like to call my older work) and copious amounts of senseless garbage (what I also sometimes call my older work), I’m honored to have made the cut somewhere along the way.

Monaco | TheBlogAbroad.com
Pushing my peasantry limits | Monte-Carlo, Monaco

For those who don’t know me personally,  there’s still time to bail, I just want to welcome you into my world. I’m not your everyday travel blogger. I’m awkward. I’m sassy. And I suck at adulting/flirting/humaning.

But with my colorfully expensive imagination, and not nearly enough funds to support it, I want to take you guys on the adventure of a lifetime. How a girl who never desired to travel turned into a full-time nomad, finding a way to fund and support a lifestyle that enables her to travel around the world for a semi-decent living.

I’m here to inspire others through my journey of being a solo female traveler, pushing the envelope of what’s possible, and creating the life of my dreams through a relentless pursuit and downright hustle.

Gloria Atanmo | TheBlogAbroad.com
Hard at work. Also, hard at wine | Cinque Terre, Italy

There’s an unequivocal education to travel that I try to encourage others to learn about, and my mission and ultimate goal is to make you, the reader, want to jump out of your seat and hop on the next flight out to anywhere.

Whether you’re a fellow travel-lover or you’ve never taken a flight in your life, I have something for every one of you guys, and I want to continue sharing why travel is such an essential component to broadening our perspectives and creating a better world.

Al Asqa Mosque | TheBlogAbroad.com
Visiting sacred Muslim sites | Jerusalem, Israel

If you get one chance to live on this big, amazing planet your entire life, however long that may be, wouldn’t you want to spend time exploring it? Learning about it? Challenging it? Loving it? Yeah, me too.

I booked a one-way ticket to Europe after graduating college in 2013, and over 60+ countries across 6 continents later, I’m still nowhere near having figured out my 5-year plan.

Gloria Atanmo | TheBlogAbroad.com
Hello from the othaaa siiiiide! Literally. I was in Greece 🙂

Heck, I hardly know what I’ll be doing tomorrow, because I invest and live for my todays — the one thing we’re all promised.

There’s an unspoken beauty about your dreams, and a coveted magic in the mystery of not quite knowing what’s next. That’s the thrill I live for, although it scares my mom to death (sorry, Ma)!

As of July 2015, I took the leap of making this wee lil’ travel blog my full-time job, so I officially live out of a suitcase. Some might call that homeless (my mother, mainly), but I’m now embracing every corner of the world as my home.

The Best Way To See Peru + Machu Picchu | TheBlogAbroad.com
Stop trying to find your happy ending; the magic is in the story | Huacachina, Peru

So here’s to the new memories, the unspoken regrets, and the calculated risks of dancing down a road less traveled to expand my horizons and dare to find new ones. I bring you THE BLOG ABROAD.

If you want to learn more about my story, I recommend you check out some of my viral articles here or my e-book! It chronicles every major moment in my life that’s gotten me where I am today; the struggles, the triumphs, and the hilarious stories in between both on and off the road. “From Excuses to Excursions: How I Started Traveling the World”. A future NY Times Best Seller I reckon! Speaking that into existence 😉

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  • Nadeen

    Love the look of your new site! Pictures are fabulous and of course so are the articles! 😉😉

  • Faith Mwiza

    Happened to stumble on your page! Love it! Just did 3 months in Europe, had a blast… can’t wait to return! Your pictures are awesome and you just look so fabulous! 😀

  • Great blog! Love your perspective.

  • Linēij Inc

    Gloria you’re an inspiration! I’m looking forward to reading and loving your blog for years to come.

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  • Charmaine Griffin

    I just subscribed and I’m so excited to follow your continued journey! Wow… 30 countries and I’m sure more by now. My journey started this year living in Korea and I don’t think I’ll be stopping anytime soon!

  • YOU are fantastic! I was reading this giggling to myself. Subscribed and cannot wait to see what you have in the future!

  • Keep Glo-win!


  • Kat Camera-Diva Kim

    I don’t know you yet, but I love you already! Your’e doing what I’m dreaming, with my toes already a little wet. I’m looking forward to joining the journey!

  • Alisa Williams

    I love you already girlie! As a 52 year old widow rejoining life, I find my passion to travel has come roaring back to life! You are a great resource!

    • Michelle Hodge

      Well I just found this blog today and am excited already. I was just thinking about my age, now 56 and questioned my reasoning for wanting to even do this now? Well, I received my passport last month and NOW is the time! Alisa, I know your entry was last year, but you blessed me today by placing your age in your in your comment. Road Diva we are on the same page!!! I am excited and do believe that nothing happens by coincidence.

      • Sondra

        Hi ladies,

        Often all you read/hear about are women in their 20’s/30’s traveling like this. I will be 55 on New Years and try to leave the US every year. So far I’ve been to England, France, Italy (My fav), Spain, Scotland, the Caribbean and this past April Morocco and Spain. Traveling is my passion and I will be moving out of the US as soon as I retire. I’m looking at Thailand right now as a retirement destination. I want to experience as much of this big wonderful world as I can before I close my eyes. Enjoy Sisters. Hugs

  • Lakeeta Scott

    Just joined and I’m very excited to journey with you! Literally, I may meet up with you in Europe one day soon!

  • Jil

    hehe …see I stumbled upon your bog for a reason today… true as u said. Only today morning i was justifying my mom about why I cannot come home and would like to travel longer .. and it resonated with your lines …There’s an unspoken beauty about your dreams, and a coveted magic in the
    mystery of not quite knowing what’s next. That’s the thrill I live for,
    although it scares my mom to death (sorry, Ma!). hehe that’s excatly what my mom is going through now fear of me not accomplishing anything substantial in life..by my travels.. and I had to write a pretty long mail today to her ..explaining her ‘to let go’ and ‘stop controlling events and situations in life’ sighh I hope she understsands !! 🙂

  • Marie

    You are my source of inspiration !!!! My motivation !! Thanks a lot
    Marie from france xxxxxx

  • Richard Clunan

    Is it a bit creepy to know I’m sitting at the table behind you right now in Insomnia on O’Connell street, trying not to read the blog post you’re writing?

    (I’m more nosy than creepy.)

    • Hahahahaha! I wish I read this earlier! Guess you’ll have to drop back to this site in a couple hours when the post goes live 🙂

      • Mayden Hollywood


    • Mayden Hollywood

      hahahahahahaha this is funny , and ehh there is nothing creepy about that my friend you were just being inquisitive and sincere , nothing wrong with that

  • Danetra Clark

    I stumbled upon your page in search of inspiration and guidance. As a black woman who has never traveled abroad before, I’m trying to decide which country should receive the honor of being the 1st stamp on my passport. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated to this solo traveler who’s yearning to experience what the world has to offer.😬

    • Jaymie Woods

      My first was Cape Town, South Africa and it gave me LIFE! Ive been to 9 countries since in the past 14 months.

      • Jaymie Woods

        They speak English, $1 worth 12 or theirs, very international so lots of people from lots of places, and lots to see and do!

  • Ana P. Wildgust

    Seriously loving your blog girl. I specially liked the “7 privileges I learned while traveling” article and how you handled the “how do you afford travel?” question. It really is all about perspective and where you choose to spend your money! Btw I think my bucket list just got bigger 😉

  • Interesting reading your story here, and to hearing you on the Travel Bloggers Summit. You’ve inspired me to rethink my journey. I come from a freelance writing background and have been blogging for a few years, but to no great success. I’m going to follow your guidance and rethink the journey I will make to success. Cheers!

  • “I booked a one-way ticket to Europe after graduating college in 2013, and almost 30 countries across 3 continents later, and I’m still nowhere near having figured out my 5-year plan.”

    This is so great. I’m sending you an email right now! SO many ideas!

  • Divo

    You’re living the dream life. Living your passion and what makes you happy.

  • Dom Nelson

    Love this blog. I always get mistaken for Usher when I travel abroad! 😀

  • Fadumo Adan

    I’m so happy I found you! I’ve just started my travel blog! It’s called gabargoesglobal. I write about solo travel being a Black Muslim woman. Girl, I look up to you!! You are my role mode!! <3

  • Nikki Dub

    I just subscribed! I can’t wait to read more. Thanks for letting the world know that there’s more than just Miami as a travel destination! No shade….I’m just saying!

  • Dashika Abhayagunasekara

    You are one hell of a lucky lady to travel like that. You are like my role model. If you ever come to Sri Lanka hit me up if you want. Would like to show you our cultures and such 🙂

  • Sheryl Piland

    What a courageous young lady. Your inspiration is contagious! I am traveling vicariously through you.
    Thanks for the adventure.

  • Ceryndipity

    Very encouraging! Do your thing and don’t let anyone tell you different. When I was 18, I did the same thing. I lived in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. Best time of my life. The people were wonderful and curious, not cautious. With my family raised, you’re making me think about bookending my American life. Maybe I will be able to get asylum from all this tomfoolery and shenanigans going on. Have a blast Miss Lady!

  • Becky

    This blog is reeeally interesting,

  • Jorge Mercado

    Congratulations on your quest for adventure in traveling around the world. I’ll be reading your stories…..

  • Pat

    Just joined! I’m retired. Use to work for a company the periodically sent me out of the country to work. Sometimes for weeks (the longest 6 weeks) at a time. Gave me a chance to experience the true flavor of the place a little. I often wondered what it would be like to make my home in another country; and now that I’m retired, that feeling has become stronger. I appreciate your blog because now I am seriously considering living abroad permanently. Any I sites on immigration to some of these great places you’ve mentioned.

  • Ferna

    you are an absolute inspiration to women of our generation. keep it up!

  • Road diva

    Hello, I have no idea how I found you, but I’m super glad that I did. As I apprach 56 years old, 2 adult children and grandaughter, I’m in a strange ,exciting and a little scary place. The big question for me, what’s next….I’m honored to have found you, and I really know the reason why!! I look forward to seeing “what’s next”

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  • Sammi Mendenhall

    Brava on you! It’s nice to see other Black women who also love to travel solo … it’s a great way to get to know yourself and of course, the world-at-large. Love the pic of you in Cinque Terre — aside from standing at the top of the world at the North Pole on a nuclear Russian icebreaker (Walking On White Mars- YouTube), Cinque Terre is my favorite place on the planet. The beauty is insane. Travel on and keep writing … you have a new fan!

  • Christy Bandoh

    Awesome!! I’m on the verge of starting a tarvel blog! i love travelling and feel you will be my best resource! Thanks for your zeal and confidence. I look forward to this journey of adventure!! 🙂

  • Brian Pequina

    You are very very cool, hope to run into you one day. I enjoy your writing. Best regards from a fellow traveler, born in Amsterdam but like everywhere now,

  • Eva

    I can’t wait to get lost (thorough tour) in the world. I’m inspired

  • So inspiring! I love this blog idea and I plan to come back. Best travels!

  • Rae Webb

    I just found you and I’m excited to E-meet you!! Can’t wait to catch up on all your posts.

    My travel blog will be up soon. I hope you’ll come take a look. thejetsether.com

  • Sarah Tollackson

    Thank you for amazing vibes and energy 🙂

  • Kathy Allen

    Proudly taught this young woman during her college days and knew then she’d be a difference maker!

  • Jamie Lee Denue

    I want to know who follows you around and takes such amazing photos!! 🙂

  • NotYourAvg

    I’m so envious! You have a dream life! Do you have more insight into Cinque Terre’s new restrictions on tourists?

  • trippedout1963

    Searched “countries that welcome blacks” and your blog popped up first. Yesterday as I chatted with a colleague who just returned from a 4-mo fellowship in Pakistan, I recognized the sparkling light in her eyes. The one that says – I just returned from global travel and had experiences that make my world seem so insignificant! I miss international travel and must reclaim who I am. Signed up for your blog and looking for experienced travel groups. Thanks!

  • ShaMika Waiters

    I love everything about your About Me section. You really are the me I wish I had the guts to be. You blog is an inspiration and I hope to one day let go of the always planning ahead, worrying about tomorrow, wallflower, you must have multiple degrees so you can have a bomb desk job and be a success so you can take care of everyone else, playing it safe. I want to take the plunge like you one day before its too late. Maybe one day I’ll strike up the courage.

  • Lawrence Taylor

    Congrats Gloria, it appears you have successfully created a life that not only suits you but serves a purpose dear to mine – helping others, especially African-Americans, grow beyond their limitations through travel! I may not agree with all your beliefs as a seasoned traveler but I certainly respect your experiences as your own. Thank you for the service you provide to so many as it is, IMHO, a service to humanity!

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  • paige

    In November feeling stressed i suddenly hopped on a plane for the UK alone and it was the best feeling ever! Seems like the start of something…I don’t know what but I’m glad I found you to help guide 😀

  • June E. Porter

    Just found this page while surfing the internet contemplating assisting my cousin to go to school abroad in Slovenia. This country is featured in Michael Moore’s latest movie, “Where to Invade Next”. In his documentary, he examines common themes about the nations he visit to find the best they have to offer in education, healthcare, lifestyles, employment, etc. I was blown away and excited with the information. Free education for American students in Slovenia? WHAT! But all of the students were WHITE, did this make a difference? Anyway, this movie made me think A LOT! Why are African Americans so grounded in the AMERICAN DREAM instead of their own dream and making it happen. To find out that the world is a huge place with many possibilities…we just have to go for it..YOU DID…I hope you see the movie.

  • rmichele

    Loving your energy and enthusiasm! I am much older than you, but am currently learning how to do what you’re doing. I look forward to learning more about your journey. Thank you!

  • Lex Luthor

    This is a very nice blog!

  • Anita Nicole

    You are so inspiring. I never had the desire to quit my job or leave my home just to travel. My goal is to create a balance of home life and travelling. I love all of your travel photos, honesty and travel resources. Glad to see how successful you are on a social platforms. I am still trying to figure out how to make my blog “work” as its merely a recap of what I’ve achieved (for me) but hopefully I can be an inspiration to others travelling with mental health issues. All the best.
    Anita, http://www.thepersistentpassport.com

  • Puleng

    I found out about you yesterday from Instagram. I am an amatuer travelller, blogger (slowly coming up) and an avid reader so yaaaay! Happy travelling

    • Foschinni

      Tswana name! Technology has an amazing power to bring people together. It would be nice to hear about the experience of traveling from a fellow South African!

  • Okizia Lambert

    Your blog was among one of a few another blogger reads, and you are right, everything happens for a reason. I love your personality and I have only ready about you and watched one video so far! I am looking forward to going on all your adventures with you and learning from you as well. Thanks Lady!

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  • Busi Dlamini

    What an amazing blog….. Thank you
    I am a travel enthusiast, I live in South Africa and have a Condo in Florida, US. I have travelled to 32 counties on all 5 continents. My daughter has been asking that we take a family vacation to Budva and I have been unsure about race issues as I am proudly black. Thank you for the info on Budva on your blog and we will be heading to Montenegro in June 2017.
    I wish to comment that I have found the African Americans extremely anti Black Africans, to me this continues to puzzle me. Both my daughters are studying at the US universities and their experiences have be horrific to say the least. African Americans talk and treat black Africans as if the come from a bush. My kids were born and lived in places that are far more civilized and advanced in many ways compared to many places where African Americans grow up, yet the minute you say you are from Africa, you get treated like you have never seen electricity or a lift. My question is …… Is America a friendly place for Black American travelers??
    I don’t think so given my experiences as I visit the US more than 4 times in any given year for the past 10 years or so.

    • Foschinni

      Glad to encounter a fellow South African in such a huge global space. I am only starting my travel later this year and nope I have not been anywhere before 🙁

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  • Diana Lesko

    Hi!!! 🙂 Have you been to Hungary?

    • Foschinni

      Tell us about it and maybe we’ll add it to our list 🙂

  • We have clients here in the US and internationally and it would be interesting to hear the challenges you face earning money while traveling. Keep up the good work!

  • Tasha Moe-nique Jordan

    Currently searching my brain for the answer to this question – How can I live a life like yours??? To travel everyplace in the world at least once is my goal and to be able to support myself while doing it. I will figure it out but until then I am taking my 1st solo trip to Europe in 2weeks. Looking forward to the next chapter of my life.

  • Oluwatomi

    Hi so excited to learn more about your blog!!! Your blog was featured in Hostelworld as the blog of the week. I’m planning my first solo travel. So excited for it.

  • EbonyNichole Life

    Just discovered your blog, while looking up places to travel for my intro to my big 4-0 (3yrs away. I’m a planner🤗). My goal (I will do) is to travel for a month to three or four cities, and or countries.

    ANY and all suggestions welcome.

  • Renae

    Just found this blog today and it helped guide me during my old and new mind set about traveling. Helped me set things straight and inspired me to get my traveling in. I don’t need a plan, a nuclear family or a 9-5 job to be happy. Not saying that’s not a way to live, I just never saw myself in it. I always saw myself meeting new people, hearing other’s stories and exploring everything I could with an open mind. So thank you Glo, you’ve really made my day <3

  • Nikki from The Culture Addict

    Girl! I think you’re my twin soul….we have the same writing style/personality (I haven’t been completely stalking you or anything…..) and I really enjoy reading about your adventures. I have not yet gained the courage to take the leap to make my blog my full-time job, but I hope to get there soon. I’m over at http://www.thecultureaddict.com 😉 Maybe we can collab soon?

  • Michelle A. Smith

    omg im glad i found this just in time before i made the decision to end my life. i felt i needed to be somewhere and with people that appreciate me for not only the color of my skin but who i am as an individual. i am 50 years old and tired of the USA and its social media and impact on people close to me. thank you for saving my life and giving me a small ensight to know that there is a place for me abroad…im pretty sure im probably not the only one that feels that way …smh

  • Michelle A. Smith

    where do i begin…where would i fit in..

  • Joanne Sheba Huggins

    I was moments away from booking a flight home when I stumbled upon your blog. I am currently wandering along the Almafi Coast in Italy. I am having a hard time finding my tribe here ultimately I decided my time here has come to an end. I didn’t know where I should visit next or where I wanted to be.I just know I didn’t want to go home; my gypsy soul forbids it:) I read your article “Top 10 Cities that Welcome Black Skin” – maybe, I recalled the title correctly?! Wallah, I found inspiration! Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for such a beautifully written article I adore your wit and candor. Keep up the great writing. I’ll continue to stalk you on social media.

    Ciao Bella,

    Fellow gypsy, doppelganger, soul sister,

  • Marcia M James

    Can’t wait to continue reading your inspirational and exciting stories!
    I found your blog while researching European countries/cities that welcome blacks.
    Thank you for your amazing finds!

  • Katee Blizzard

    Oh my goodness! I am pretty sure I have just found my Girl Crush because you seriously are hysterical, vibrant, and just overall seem like a fantastic human. Thank you for making me smile today with your articles!

  • Lieza Smith

    OMG I want to do this for a living!!!!! How do I get in????

  • Lish Cantos

    I got hooked on the stories in your IG feeds and just now got the time to see your blog (shouldn’t have wasted time getting here). I’m going to go on my first solo trip next month and reading how you’ve braved 45 countries (and enjoyed the heck out of them!) makes my worries of travelling alone just seem so insignificant. Thanks for your stories and I hope you never stop writing about them! Cheers to new adventures!

  • Donna Hogan

    You have so elepquently shared my feelings exactly. I’m twice your age and I’m always in awe of your depth of enlightenment and awareness. I’m on vacation right now getting settled in Cape Cod. Once I arrived at a new destination my goal was to find all the exciting things to see and conquer each task. BUT, When there is a new light and understanding of yourself, your SOUL wants peace first. I found a Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s to get my favoriate healthy foods, wines and cinnamon pine cones so I could
    make my villa smell nice. Traveling does enhance all your radars by sharing with like minds and feeling GOOD about it, only if you slow down enough to receive it. My work requires me to be an extrovert but my private time is very very different.

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  • Mobay Chic

    I follow you on IG and just came over to the blog to read your Bali guide, as I plan my upcoming trip. So proud of you for following your heart and doing such a great job with well written, witty guides and of course BEAUTIFUL photos!

  • Charles

    I spent 20 years traveling the world in the Air Force and another 17 yrs traveling as a corporate VP and I can tell you from personal experience that you have chosen a wonderful life to live. I’m newly remarried and I’m discussing living exactly as you are doing with my new life! I applaud your courage, passion and your fearless spirit!

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  • A.F.

    I am a black woman and African and I’m travelling! Glad I stumbled on your website! Continue inspiring us!!!

  • Sheila Lee Brown

    You sound like my daughter, I want her to see your blog. God bless you. I wish I had your fearlessness. Everything you shared is wonderful and makes me fee good just knowing. Enjoy and keep writing.