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  • Jasmine White

    I’m inspired! Love the portfolio you’re building for yourself!

  • You are such an inspiration to this new travel and photo enthusiast. After following your blog/facebook/ig for the past couple of months, I must say, I am extremely proud of you and quite frankly, anyone that can move across the world and not only survive, but have fun doing it!! I’m sure it’s not all roses and you have your share of thorns, but dammit it all looks incredibly exciting. I just wanted to drop you a few lines to say hello and to thank you so much for sharing your many adventures with us as honest and open as your do. Please don’t O.D. on the nutella and continue to soar safely and have a blast doing it!! Take care, Your new e-follower Pat

  • Lauren Baillie

    Hey, I’m really enjoying checking out your blog. Did you do a course with Matador or did you find another way to approach them to get published? I’m interested as I have looked into their courses and I know that gives you a leg up into getting published, still committing money is a scary hurdle! Loving your work 🙂

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