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It’s with so much pride, I can happily announce the release of my first e-book which has been twenty-five years in the making; a culmination of this incredible journey I’ve been blessed to be on. Like many of you, travel was never an option or goal for me growing up. I saw people who studied and traveled abroad, and I always thought, “good for them”. Good for those people to do what they’re meant to do.

Baker University, Baldwin City, KS
Baker University, Baldwin City, KS | The most expensive piece of paper I own. My degree.

I came from a family of 8. I was a troubled teenager. I hated my life and I never understood why some people were given things that I had to work so hard for. And that’s when it hit. Why should I feel entitled to anything I didn’t have to sweat or struggle for?

So I struggled my way into opportunities, mastering the art of calculated risk-taking, and putting myself out there to fail over and over again until the universe finally caved in. By textbook definition, I was going to succeed by way of insanity.


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6 years ago today, I was taking my final British Studies exam at Harlaxton College, a semester-long program in the UK. My dad passed away a couple weeks before my departure date. I was sure it was a sign that I wasn’t meant to go, but I got my mom’s blessing to go anyway. I was 22 years old the first time I left the U.S., and because I didn’t think that travel was ever something I’d be able to afford again, I applied for any and all student positions I could get my hands on, accepted as a Resident Assistant, University Ambassador, and Campus Blogger. I had approximately $700 USD to last me over 4 months. That’s roughly $175/month 😫 *cries in poor* *melts in poverty* *moonwalks in debt* I had college friends who were given this amount every weekend as alcohol money. But I didn’t get jealous. I got motivated. To figure out a way to travel as much as everyone else, while spending 4x as less. I was then introduced to brands like @Skyscanner, @Couchsurfing, @BlaBlaCar, @MegaBus, and @Rome2Rio_official, some of the most budget-friendly apps out there to help get the most bang for my buck. I would venture solo often, as to not burden others with my $10/day budget (aka brokity brokeness), but would come back with some of the wildest stories. I would blog some of my tips and adventures both for the university’s blog, and for my own. And that’s when I started to feel the genuine joy in seeing others put my tips to use to both save money and travel more. If you make a big enough impact in others, the universe will surely reward you with something greater. So today, I revisited the campus as someone who makes a 6-figure salary from traveling the world and documenting my experiences with my audience, like I did as a student. You don’t have to believe in God, but I do. And I’m giving thanks to Him for putting me in places and spaces that would lead to a lifestyle beyond my wildest dreams. So if you’re still sitting on that idea. That dream. That crazy, brilliant goal to do something that’s equal parts terrifying and rewarding, I dare you to go for it. This is just MY story. But it could be yours too. 🙏🏾

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“But, I don’t want to travel abroad, Glo!” your silly self might be thinking. And here’s the thing. Not everyone is made to travel, or even desires to. And here’s the best way I can put it. Never leaving your home country is like swimming in a pool, while traveling abroad is like swimming in an ocean. Sure, they’re both water and you’re getting your feet wet regardless, but imagine how different the experience will be. Never mind the fact that I can’t swim though. God had to humble me somehow.

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I soon realized I rather work 24 hours a day for myself than work even 1 hour for someone else. I went from making excuses to taking excursions, turning my internal fights into external flights and ultimately doing everything in my power to use my God-given talents to do more than just exist. To learn more. To live more. To be more.

There’s a world of knowledge out there in subjects that can’t be taught in a classroom that ultimately shape the better part of our existence. I was willing to do whatever it took to get an A in that curriculum.

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Our legacies aren’t created by things we wished we could do. It’s about the things we grinded our @%$es off and actually DID. When I die, it’ll be with memories not dreams. Because right now, I’m living all mine.


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I want you to read this and feel like you could take on your thing. Yes, that thing. You know what I’m talking about. That one thing you can’t stop dreaming and thinking about. Be fearless in pursuit of that thing that sets your soul on fire. I did five years ago. And I’ve been fanning those flames ever since.

This book is for the dreamers. The believers. The entrepreneurs. But most importantly, the travelers and those who seek to explore a life far outside of their comfort zones. Thank you for helping make my dreams a reality. Your support, your shares, and your belief in me means the world! Pun most definitely intended.

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