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The Blog Abroad’s Top 10 Hate Comments From 2017

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The Blog Abroad’s Top 10 Hate Comments From 2017 |
Cape Town, South Africa

People, for the most part, suck. But most importantly, their sucking ways aren’t limited to a specific region, gender, religion, or mental illness cause.

As a blogger, part of my job is getting criticized daily by idiots strangers who have pent up anger from being the product of multi-generational incest, so they harass people online from their lover’s [aka mother’s], basement. It’s cute — in an Oedipus Complex kind of way.

So every year I like to compile some of my favorite and most creative insults and hate comments that are spewed my way via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter.

The Blog Abroad’s Top 10 Hate Comments From 2017 |
Feeling so distraught about my life after the keyboard ninjas attack! Someone, please save me from my misery! Preferably after I soak my feet in my private pool at my $20/night villa. Thanks!

I did one for 2016, 2015, and a special edition Huffington Post one which are still some of my most read articles on my site, which basically confirms you guys suck we all love a lil’ bit of drama.

Being so public with your thoughts, your writing, and essentially, your art, is one of the most empowering things in the world. But no doubt it’ll come with its slew of hate and backlash if you upset a precious snowflake.

Alas, pour a glass of wine [or ten — excuse the typos in advance] and enjoy reading how much the internet has tried to dim my shine, and how it’s only made me glisten even brighter. *wipes sweat, replaces with glistening cream*

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WARNING: Harsh language and fragile egos ahead.

The Blog Abroad’s Top 10 Hate Comments From 2017 |
“How do you combat online bullying?” they ask. Beer mostly. | Johannesburg, South Africa

1. In Response To: “2016 Highlight Travel Reel

Your dad must be rich.

-Bryan C.

What an original and kind assumption! My dad actually passed away one month before I took my first international trip in 2012, so there’s also that.

I love getting misogynistic comments like this from men, because it reminds me that patriarchy is alive and well — and unfortunately, so is Bryan.

2. In Response To: “My 10 Worst Travel Moments of 2017

Not trying to be a dick, but none of these seem that bad or dramatic *yawn*

-Alex B.

The irony of this comment is that it came from a travel blogger who is not only a lazy excuse for a human being a horrible writer, but has no type of substance or appeal to her brand, so she trolls on other bloggers for publicity.

She couldn’t blow the janitor for a sponsored stay in a 20-bedroom hostel if she tried — and that’s being generous.

3. In Response To: “Why I’m Leaving America Indefinitely & What Happens Next

You questioning the greatest country on earth takes me aback and makes me question why I follow you.

-Alicia D.

Taken aback? How adare I!

I will say this a million times over, but you can love a country and still be critical of it. Furthermore, blind patriotism is the death of progress, and while America has the strongest economy in the world, we are severely lacking and behind in so many other areas.

From our presidency to our healthcare, to our virtually nonexistent gun laws, to our mass incarceration, to our failing public education, to our defunded mental health facilities. Shall I continue?

If you’re the kind to value mediocrity and question growth, this blog isn’t for you — and neither am I.

4. In Response To: “The Top 5 Countries to Visit in Europe as a Black Woman

I don’t get why negroes always traveling to white countries. Take your ass to Africa!

-Raheem H.

I wrote a post breaking down the biggest issues within the black travel community HERE and it’s gotten over 100,000 views and 2,000+ shares, as it’s filled with harsh truths and necessary dialogue, and it addresses this misogynoir-centered mentality.

By the way, what is a “white” country? America? Scotland? Portugal? The idea that these beautiful countries around the world with majority white populations are only to be enjoyed by white people is a lie from the devil himself and I rebuke it in the name of Jesus.

Let your coins dictate where you want to go [so Raheem, go travel to your backyard witcha simp ass] and tell anybody else to keep their poverty mentality far, far away.

5. In Response To: “The 5 Most African-American Friendly Countries

This is why I do not date black women they are absolutely dumb asses.

-Global T. (YouTube)

absolute***. Sir, have your preferences, but in order to claim you don’t want black women, you have to be desired by them first. And we don’t want ‘cha stank ass. Next.

6. In Response To: “Black Travelers: We Need To Have This Talk

Only a stupid person considers Google a source of education. I get my facts from real life. You could try getting education from a school. You know what a school is don’t you. Its [sic] the place where white people have to pay extra so that ‘some people’ can get in for a massive discount. Coconuts like you (brown on outside, white on inside) won’t survive one day among real black people in Africa.

-Brian S.

I’m offended that he couldn’t just call me an oreo [like most people] — because a coconut implies that I’m also hairy which I won’t deny in the winter.

This elitism about who’s traveled the Motherland the most extensively is wack.

It’s an argument that’s tired AF and needs to die in 2017 along with Brian.

Now if you’ll excuse me, *polishes degree*, I have some world domination in order.

7. In Response To: “People Around the World Ask An American About Donald Trump

What a bunch of bull$h!+ from an egoistical liberal idiot. I didn’t vote for Trump, but I voted. So many people who are mad, didn’t. They are world traveling, airbnbers, like this Gen-Y poop, but they’re not registered voters. Yet they sure complain when the person they didn’t vote for doesn’t get elected.


#WRONG #SAD #YUGE #FAKENEWS. A couple facts to get straight right off the bat.

Yes, I voted. #AbsenteeBallot #FullTimeTraveler #MailedItFromArgentina #SuckItBihhh

Yes, I love AirBnb.

Yes, I also poop.

I think that covers all grounds. Not sure whether people conceived from incest are capable of rational thinking, so I’ll assume no and keep it moving.

8. In Response To: “The 5 Most African-American Friendly Countries

A great many of fucking niggers need to be culled or sterilized to avert at least a modicum of further degradation of the human gene pool. Covert irradiation of nigger ghettos with hard x-rays or gamma rays.

-Ruslan N.

Okay, seriously — who gave Trump a YouTube account? I try so hard to lose sleep at night to creatures God made while tipsy off his water-to-wine rotations, but it just doesn’t work.

Ruslan, if “a great many” is still part of your everyday vocabulary, can you have a great many of seats? You will do us a great many of pleasures if you’d stop having a great many of sex with your sisters and cousins.

Please keep your incest-ridden failing IQ off the interwebs and checked into a facility.

Also, go to Hell, eat a monkey’s nut, blindfold yourself in traffic, nose dive in lava, spin off a cliff, step on a million leggos, you suck.

9. In Response To: “Black Travelers: We Need To Have This Talk

I’m tired of reading fluff, filled with pictures and comedy disguised as intelligent-free writing.

-JD R.

Oh! I’m sorry — don’t like fluff? Do you prefer cotton? Perhaps silk? Are my wool-like words not enough to make you feel enlightened from your perpetual state of faux wokery?

Sir. How can you possibly criticize humor when your whole life is a joke? NEXT.

10. In Response To: “Why I’m Leaving America Indefinitely & What Happens Next

Your blog is nothing more than a sponsored machine now where you just get paid to write about what companies tell you to. And you can’t label all of small town America. Since I’m “privileged”, I will just keep doing privileged things. #assumptions

-Caleb W. (He signed off as “A Parting Follower” to be specific, lulz)

I wonder if he majored in drama. “A Parting Follower”. Am I meant to chase after someone I never catered to in the first place?

He later deleted his comment once the “READ” [slang def: verbal annihilation] got too deep for all that white, male fragility.

As a “parting follower”, I sincerely hope he didn’t skip over the part where I mentioned how little I cared about losing the eyes of those who are blinded by their privilege, let alone in denial of it. Again, I’m not here to make you guys comfortable.

It has never and will never be my job to coddle or comfort people’s privilege. White America does that impeccably already 🙂

I’ve touched on my own privilege in the past, so if you can’t recognize yours at this point, your ignorance isn’t my burden to bear.

The Blog Abroad’s Top 10 Hate Comments From 2017 |
I can almost see a trail of fucks to give. Almost. | Paris, France

When my blogger friends tell me they don’t dare browse the comment section of their syndicated articles, I get it.

Kim Kardashian plastic, inflated, silicone Buttttttttt — I honestly think it can easily be flipped into cheap entertainment at best and humbling critique at worst.

You have to remember that the very people sending these messages are likely projecting all the failures, insecurities, and micropenis syndrome side effects onto anything within typing distance.

And just because I write these articles every year, it doesn’t mean I ignore the 95% of you all who throw so much positive, encouraging, and empowering energy my way daily.

That’s why I never let the good get to my head or the bad get to my heart.

I take it all in, process, absorb, and allocate it where it belongs, then move on with my life.

At the end of the day, if the content I produce and the stories I share are accurate reflections of my life, experiences, and travels, then the validation of others isn’t needed or necessary.

If people can relate, then that’s just a plus! But ultimately, I write for my sponsors self 😉

So now that the fun is over, I’m gonna finish up this bottle of Moscato [again, please excuse the typos, will review in the AM] and freeze the tears of my nonexistent sadness to ice my next glass of champagne.

And shout out to all of you for sticking in my corner despite being a “rich, dumbass, unpatriotic, egotistical, liberal, stupid, fucking nigger!

Whew! I think I’ve just found my new Instagram and LinkedIn bio. Cheers!

*Disclaimer: All egos demolished in this post remain bruised until further notice. Blogger in question is unaffected and still living her best life.

The Blog Abroad’s Top 10 Hate Comments From 2017 |
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  • Kelsey Frey

    Yesssss I live for these posts!! I literally wait all year to read yours because your wit is unmatched and your clapbacks legendary. I love that you’re able to let the comments these fools leave roll off your back and turn them into the best kind of entertainment for the rest of us. Love your blog, your writing, and your fantastic personality!

    • Hahahaha! Thank you Kelsey! You might be the quickest commenter ever! Appreciate you tuning in, supporting, and laughing with/at my life 😉

  • Facundo Roson

    So much work to do in the world! Keep working hard, keep ignoring those sad people, and keep smiling! Have a wonderful year full of travels and love

  • Diana Edelman


  • Oui In France

    Man, people are morons. Sorry you have to deal w/this BS!

    • I’ll survive! But I pity the family members, neighbors, and coworkers who have to share oxygen with these people 😅

  • Kristiin

    You are the best on so many levels! Laughing out loud at your words whilst crying at the horrible things that people say to you. Fuck ’em. You clearly are winning at life!

    • Hahaha, thanks so much! All about balance. I can take a few hits! The positive feedback is always the majority, but it’s fun to pick in the idiots once a year 😉

  • Medha Verma Bector

    You’re pretty amazing, love your humor 🙂

  • You’re hilarious. And you’re amazing!!! Ignore all these dumb asses and keep on shining with your incredible personality!

  • Yara Mel Rozaay

    Epic blog post ! Your sense of humor and clapbacks were amazing haha
    Keep up the amazing work 🙂

  • jacklyn.

    Your rebuttals are consistently my favorite but can I just “ASHDOFNWHDISN ABDJDOJDNWBSHDJWNWBSHS IFKFLRBWHXJEQBSHE” And also “Bdjfnwuxbeusnshhwbdjeneb hevsgqidfbjwas snebwhshehwkwnbsjwk” at “step on a million leggos” 😂😂😂 that kind of evil can only be wished on trolls like these

    • HAHAAHAHAHAHA! Girl, I’ve been waiting all year to unleash my sass. Just another 365 days to go 😂😅

  • You are a strong and smart woman. Keep up the good work!

  • Deepika Gumaste

    Ah, let the silly be silly. You keep on rocking. You’re precious

  • Jenny Vallejo

    I just love you, and your sense of humor. You are great. 😂😂

  • Your 👏🏾 Clap 👏🏾 Backs 👏🏾 Are 👏🏾 Worth 👏🏾 Waiting 👏🏾 For! Fuck em all 😂😂😂

  • Caly

    I love getting misogynistic comments like this from men, because it reminds me that patriarchy is alive and well — and unfortunately, so is Bryan. — This made me LOL! You’re so witty hahaha. Great post and keep travelling!

  • Joss Barclay

    “I can almost see a trail of fucks to give. Almost ” This just had me laughing my head off 😀 xxx Keep doing what you’re doing and like you said you’re doing it for you and if people relate then that’s just a plus!

  • Siomara Jaramillo

    Glo!!!!! Slay girl!!! I loved your responses!! I would say I can’t believe the nerve of some people, but Id be lying! Shameful!!!! Keep shining and inspiring as you do!!!! Absoultely fucking love you!!!!!!!!

  • Jamie

    Gloria, #2 was uncalled for and you should be ashamed of yourself.
    It’s quite ironic that you call the first commenter misogynistic, yet then turn around and reduce the second one to a sex object.
    “She couldn’t blow the janitor for a sponsored stay in a 20-bedroom hostel if she tried — and that’s being generous.”
    This commenter was one of the mild ones on your list. Actually, she was so mild I don’t understand why it’s on the list at all. It wasn’t racist or sexist in any way; she simply had an opinion on your conception of “dramatic”. Are you so insecure that you can’t take any criticism on your writing at all? Yet, then you go and attack not only her writing, but make her into someone whose sole value is having a mouth to put a penis into.
    Tearing down women in this way is literally the definition of misogyny. I’m surprised nobody else has called you out on this in the comments section, though it does seem like your skin is so thin that you’ll remove every comment referring to this.

    • Hi Jamie! I don’t remove any comments, but thanks for taking the time to voice your opinion.

      I mentioned above to Janet and Allison that my voice and crude humor isn’t for everyone. Especially during this one time of the year where I just have a go at everyone while drinking wine.

      I appreciate your feedback, and I’ll take it into consideration for next year’s roundup.

      Please feel free to unfollow/unsubscribe so that my voice doesn’t offended you any further.

      Happy New Year from Australia! 😊

    • Vicki Winters

      Your comment is highly exaggerating the situation. Let’s all just put on our pussy hats and get along.

  • those are harsh, but i love how you transformed them into such a cool piece of blog post. get it gurllll! 😀

  • Janet Newenham

    Is it just me, or is it ironic that a travel blogger who purports to be a feminist is slamming a fellow woman in the industry who just happens to disagree with her, in such sexist language? I get rebutting negative comments that people have left on your blog and potentially trying to be funny, but this is below the belt. What happened to standing up for our fellow women and not turning them into sexual objects?

    • Hey Janet! Thanks for reading! I appreciate your feedback, and you have every reason and right to unfollow if that comment crossed the line for you.

      My style of humor, however crude, especially during this one article of the year where I have a go at everyone while drinking wine, isn’t for everyone and that’s 100% okay.

      I know we’ve never met, nor do I read your blog. But if I did and found something I disagreed with, I’d simply unfollow.

      My voice isn’t for everyone and I’m okay with that. You can continue to make a scene about it on Facebook and draw more publicity if you’d like, or you could ignore, unfollow, and focus on your own brand

      Either way, thanks again for taking the time to read and Happy New Year from Australia 😊

  • Allison

    Hi Glo, normally I look to you to be a leader in this industry but I was left deeply frustrated by your treatment of commenter #2. Sure, the comment was catty, but to approach it by clapping back with an incredibly sexist comment reducing her value in the world as just a sex object is disappointing at best and anti-woman at worst. Clearly some of these commenters are awful people and I understand why you’d be defensive, but to attack a fellow female blogger in a sexist way is completely uncalled for.

    • Hi Allison, thanks for your comment! Indeed that crossed a line, but to be honest, this entire article does. It is my one time a year where I have a go at people without censoring myself and my hyperbolic and sometimes crude brand of humor isn’t for everyone and that’s okay! Thanks for your feedback and I respect your right to unfollow anybody that doesn’t uphold your same standards or morals in life. Happy New Year! ❤

      • Allison

        Hi Glo, thanks for your response and Happy New Year to you too. God knows I have a crude sense of humor and am no special snowflake, but I just took issue with the sexualizing insults of an easily identifiable female colleague. That’s all, and I think the rest of the article was fair play.

        • Hi Allison, fair enough. Though the damage has already been done, I’m now tempted to include more of her essay comment where she continued to degrade me with snide remarks. Out of context, it’s easy to say I should choose my words better, but it wasn’t her first time. She does this to many bloggers and I’m okay with saying something about it. Nonetheless, I stand by my words and there are no hard feelings should you choose to no longer read. The beauty of the internet is that when we see things we don’t agree with, we can simply unfollow and life will go on. Cheers and best wishes to your 2018!

    • G Richard

      So do you also have words for people who were being completely racist and awful to Gloria? Just curious..

      • Allison

        Pretty sure I said: “Clearly some of these commenters are awful people.” If that language wasn’t strong enough, I apologize. Clearly, racism is indefensible and awful in all its forms — the blatant and the systematic — and I work hard to try to combat it as best I can as a BLM supporter and POC ally.

        I have no problem with her taking a go at these racist morons (as I think is pretty clear by my comment but since you needed an explanation) and enjoyed her take-downs of them. But as women in a travel industry, I think it’s wrong to attack our female colleagues with sexual language, with clearly identifiable names (to those in the industry, at least – and I’m not even a friend or fan of this Alex B. person). Had the person been anonymous or left out that one sentence at the end, I wouldn’t have thought anything of it. But women tearing down other women with sexual slurs should be commented and called out. That’s my two cents.

  • I found your blog through your Instagram and I am in love with it now 😀 You actually made me laugh out loud reading this. You are amazing! This is exactly the way to deal with hate comments.

    • Thanks so much Elina!!! Appreciate you reading ❤

  • Vicki Winters

    I Fucking love You, Beeeatch!

    • Hahahahaha! Love ya, Vicki! It’s been too long! ❤

  • Wow. Some real treats in there… Keep killing it Gl0! 😊

    • Thanks Peter!!! Hope you’ve been well!! Miss your humour!

  • Kym In Korea

    “I have come to believe over and over again that what is most important to me must be spoken, made verbal and shared, even at the risk of having it bruised or misunderstood.” – Audre Lorde

    Sorry you have to endure being misunderstood.

  • Mimi

    You take these dumb comments with such grace and I so admire that. Keep doing you and thank you for having a presence in the travel blogosphere.

  • Bec Kroegel

    Woah! These are some over the top hateful comments. I can’t help but see all these people as just very very unintelligent! Sorry you have to get this crap! I love your blog and everything you write!

  • Nikoleta Míchalová

    It’s unbelievable how much hatred people have in them selves. Keep it up!