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The Blog Abroad’s Top 10 Hate Comments From 2016

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The Blog Abroad's Top 10 Hate Comments of 2016 |
Photo Credit | Orlando Pelagio

So every year I like to compile some of my favorite and most creative insults and hate comments that are spewed my way via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter.

Last year’s recap is one of the most read articles on my blog, which basically confirms you guys are the worst that everybody loves drama and a little bit of sh*t talking.


Trust me, I share your same concerns. But rest assured, I’ve been saving up my sass all year for this article, and I’m about to unleash the hounds.

So come drink wine in fetal position with me as I recap how much the internet hates me, and how I really couldn’t give a SH*T about it.

I have to warn you though, some harsh language ahead, but hey, if I have to read stuff like this daily, then I think you all can survive 😉

Gloria Atanmo |
How do you combat online bullying? Wine mostly.

1. In Response To: “5 Most African-American Friendly Countries

Shut up you ugly nappy headed she-boon ape b*tch. You aint sh*t and will never be sh*t. 

YOU AIN’T SH*T EITHER, BEEOOOTCH!!!!!! Soooo, points for subject and verb agreement. But deducted points for elementary vocabulary and unnecessary language due to the obvious lack in penis size.

Sir, if your erectile dysfunction keeps causing these side effects that combat any ounce of human decency you may have, I truly hope you can get that checked out.

Also, go die.

2. In Response To: “5 Cities In Europe Where Black Skin Is Welcomed


I’m not yelling, I promise, but he used caps lock, so I’ll assume his keyboard was broken or that he got a hard-on from all the power exerted from using capitalized letters.

While it’s true a short-term visit will yield a different experience than a long-term one, it doesn’t take away from the fact that some cultures are just more receptive to black people than others.

3. In Response To: “5 Most African-American Friendly Countries

Don’t listen to this dumb black b*tch, if you’re an African-American stay your black ass out of Germany. She probably travels with her white boyfriend, I know the type… 

OKAY, STOP THE SHOW, HOW DO I HAVE A BOYFRIEND AND NOT KNOW ABOUT IT?! Seriously, I thought we were past my boyfriend doing that cute little thing where he doesn’t exist.

4. In Response To: “The Worst Part About My Travels As A Solo Black Woman

This has never happened to me. Maybe you’re dressing or acting like a prostitute would. Either way, I can’t relate.

Thank goodness I don’t write articles seeking your sole approval. Thank the Lord Almighty that a prude with a rod up her @$% feels the need to dismiss my experience as invalid because she can’t relate. Thank Heavens that leaving her unwarranted no sense two cents has helped further humanity as we know it. Oh deareset one, go blindfold yourself and play in traffic.

5. In Response To: “I’ll Be The Hardest Worker In The Building, But I’m A Terrible Employee” [The Huffington Post]

Another lazy, entitled, and privileged millennial broad with an unrealistic approach at life.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. I’m sure the 20-something year old who took your job because you still can’t figure out how to CTRL+ALT+DEL deez nuts your attitude, will be happy to give it back if you beg nice enough. Quit hating on a generation that you come crawling to when you can’t figure out how to operate your expired Windows 97. Join the times, bud.

6. In Response To: “7 Privileges I Was Made Aware of By Traveling” [The Huffington Post]

This is stupid, how is it a privilege to be American? WE ARE NOT PRIVILEGED.

Oh ye of little brain power. It’s time to stop denying truths. Being born in America or any other first-world country is indeed a privilege, because we were born in a land where we have inherent freedoms and rights (unless you’re black, JK but serious) that are denied to so many others around the world.

Having privilege is NOT a bad thing. It’s when you try to dismiss its benefits and act condescending towards others when it becomes a problem.

And quite frankly, it’d be a privilege to push you off a cliff. Alas, we can’t all be so lucky can we?

7. In Response To: “5 Most African-American Friendly Countries

This COON whore has not only f*cked her way out of martial bliss, but she has also lost her AFRICAN mind. African people, don’t listen to this f*cking zombie robot whore. She is trying to sell you out. A traitor. 

LOOOOOOL. Dear God, where do I even start? First of all, what in the actual hell is “martial bliss”, and secondly, it sounds kind of amazing and I think I want to be a part of it.

Also, “zombie robot” is an oxymoron. And your mother’s a whore. Boy, bye.

8. In Response To: “5 Most African-American Friendly Countries

You silly little black girls are going to realize that you are garbage to the world. To be used and discarded. And then you are going to be angry like me.

Can you get more educated and travel outside the European continent and Asia? You are black. You owe it to yourself to stop looking for cheap thrills of white people worshipping you.

They smile at you for your money and look at you like a monkey. You simply do not see it.

You are a liar. Because you are blind to human nature and desperately want to be worshipped by white people.

Pathetic you are little sister.

YAY! Someone feeling entitled enough to tell me how I should spend my own hard earned money! Thank you! Please continue policing my life, my choices, and my work! Your bitterness hardly shines through!

I’m going to be real here for a second, because the thing about being a black blogger is that you just can’t win sometimes.

You talk about your experiences as a black person, and then your white readers feel “excluded”. And then you talk about your experiences in predominantly white countries, and then you’re condemned, black card revoked, and verbally annihilated for not choosing to direct every penny of your travels towards your skinfolk in Africa.

The reality is, starting out traveling as a broke and eager traveler in 2012, by far the easiest continent to navigate was Europe. So I’ve traveled it extensively to get comfortable, and even if I never traveled any other continent, that is MY PREROGATIVE. But! I’m excited to cross off seven or so African nations in 2017, so if this lady doesn’t self-implode by then, maybe she’ll get to see it.

But I can’t even get myself to speak nasty about this woman, because I think she’s a bit deranged. She goes on to also comment about how she’s been raped and trafficked in foreign countries, so I’m sure her view of anybody who isn’t black is permanently tainted, and that’s just unfortunate.

There will never be a sole spokesperson for an entire race, religion, or country, so we need to stop acting like our bad experiences with a few dictate the morale of an entire nation or group of people.

9. In Response To: A Photo Of Me In An Infinity Pool

You look lonely. All your photos only have you in the picture.

DUH BISSSSHHH! THAT IS THE DREAM! THAT’S WHAT I AIM FOR! I don’t want tourists in my photos! LOL. I’m tryna stunt for the ‘gram here, what you think I’d want other people in my photos for? Take your miserable ass “you look lonely” ass back home and kindly deposit your two cents into your rear end where it might be more welcome.

10. In Response To: My Email

Her: “Can you please give me tips on x, y, and z?”
Me: “Sure thing! I wrote an extensive article detailing all the above at the link HERE.”

Her: “I didn’t email you so you can link me to other places. I emailed you to talk to YOU. So do you want to help me or not?

The Devil IS a lie and he will not catch me slippin’ today. Goodeth bye, Felicia. Thou art dismissed.

The Blog Abroad's Top 10 Hate Comments of 2016 |
Eltz Castle, Germany

Fellow bloggers tell me they’d never dare to browse through the comment section, but I’ve learned how to flip it into cheap entertainment… as I sip my cocktail, beachside, overlooking my peasant-ridden view as they slave away at a job they hate every day.

BLOOP! I mean, who’s really winning here?

And while I get an insane amount of positive support across all platforms that accounts for 95% of my comments, it’s humbling and even necessary to get a few loose canons here and there.

That’s why I never let the good get to my head or the bad get to my heart.

I take it all in, process, absorb, and allocate it where it belongs, then move on with my life.

The Blog Abroad's Top 10 Hate Comments of 2016 |
Photo Credit | Orlando Pelagio

At the end of the day, if the content I produce and the stories I share are accurate reflections of my life, experiences, and travels, then the validation of others isn’t needed or necessary.

If people can relate, then that’s just a plus! But ultimately, I write for myself. And sponsors. But mostly myself, lol.

So now that the fun is over, I’m gonna go hug myself, search for any last f*cks to give, and freeze the tears of my sadness to ice my next glass of champagne.

And shout out to all of you for sticking in my corner despite being a “nappy-headed, dumb, lazy, entitled, ape, coon, garbage, cheap-thrill-seeking, black b*tch!”

Whew! I think I’ve just found my new Instagram bio. Cheers!

*Disclaimer: Approximately zero seconds of sleep were lost at night. All egos demolished in this post remain bruised until further notice.

The Blog Abroad's Top 10 Hate Comments of 2016 |
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  • Bobbi Gould

    Oh my WORD! People are so rude! You should do a mean tweets version of this on video. Seriously, who carries this much hate around?!

  • Ka Shell

    Girl. People are so miserable. They use whatever they can to TRY to discredit YOUR experiences. Lmao get off social media, losers. And go explore the world… through your own eyes. #TheyHateUsCuzTheyAintUs #HatersGonnaHate #AintersGonnaAint

  • Passionate Gypsy

    Glo….didn’t you know!? The hate comments mean one thing and one thing only…….IT MEANS YOU MADE IT!!!!! 🤗🤗Yes girl!!! If you have no haters, it probably means you’re average. Haters never hate on average people…they hate on the truly EXTRAORDINARY. Soak in it babe. You are a Queen. 😘xoxo

  • Agustin Andalon ⚡️

    I loved your comments to all their hateful responses. I wish you abundant happiness, travels, and experiences. Keep you head high you deserve everything you have. Make 2017 yours!
    – love a new fan (AgustinAndalon)

  • Glad to read 95% of your comments are positive! Man are there some crazies out there though..

  • What a trip, sad to see people say want they say about someone they don’t even know. But then again they have issues with themselves and project it on others who are doing what they want with their own lives. Glad to see you are enjoying your life…

  • Practical Wanderlust

    Omg people are the worst. I swear some people just sit around their basements thinking “I really want to be publicly racist but I’m too lazy to go outside, guess I’ll leave some comments!” Don’t let it get you down ever, you are amazing and your blog is a major inspiration for us! Continue rocking your awesome self.

  • Kayla Millikan

    Gloria, you’re hilarious and have written this article with such graceful transparency, I applaud you. “That’s why I never let the good get to my head and the bad get to my heart,” oooh girl, yes honey, this will resonate and encourage me time again. May we let our obstacles become opportunities and our haters be the ones who keep us humble. Love you!

  • Wow, that was a painful read. I’m horrified that some people are even capable of saying these things. But you’re absolutely right, combat that shameful and completely pointless online bullying with plenty of red wine! 🙂 Keep up the awesome work!

  • Hilarious! People are so miserable smh. I’m glad you can find the comedy in the nonsense!

  • Hannah Logan

    You kill me as always <3 keep it up girl and hopefully run into you somewhere around this amazing world soon. Go get'em girl. xo

  • I was looking forward to reading this, then as I was reading it I ended up getting angry, sad, upset, and a whole other slew of emotions with how many racist comments you received. I shouldn’t be surprised based on how slowly the human race is progressing with it’s unnecessary hatred (especially with all of the atrocities that have transpired just this past year) but I was still shocked. These are miserable sad people, but I love how you handle each one of your haters with the perfect amount of sass! My favorite is reading the comments to one of your Huff post pieces on Facebook and seeing you call out individuals with, “Hi, author here….” You are truly an inspiration and your hard work and hustle shows! I look forward to seeing what 2017 has in store for you!

  • KaSandra Mitchell

    You have an art for turning something so infuriating into hilarious entertainment. For every internet troll lurking, you have an entire army of good folks at your back. Cheers to a new year, Glo!

  • Pilar Suquilvide

    OMG this is sooo funny! “It’d be a privilege to push you off a cliff” just killed me hahaha You´re amazinggg

  • I love your blog – and these responses are excellent! Keep being your awesome self – can’t wait to hear about your 2017 adventures!

  • I love how you take the hate comments with some sass and not let it bother you. I enjoyed reading last years top 10 hate comments and this years too! You’re hilarious and a brilliant writer! I totally agree with you in terms of being a black blogger and not really being able to win with the different audiences you have on the various topics you write about. On an unrelated note, I notice in all your photos your hair is always well maintained could you do a post on how you maintain your hair? If you have already would love the link 😉 thanks 🙂

  • JustGoPlaces

    I am a little shocked by all the racist vitriol directed at you! People are so hateful but honestly no one is making them read your blog. Good to know you aren’t letting it get to you. These trolls clearly have nothing better to do than spew forth viciousness. Makes me sad for humanity.

  • Leyla Giray

    I hate the comments – my stomach churned a few times – and they make me wretched about how some people see the world. But I burst out laughing with your take on them, your humour and grace and education while under attack… Go Gloria!!

  • OMG. You are hilarious, cheers to infinity pool bliss!

  • I still don’t know what it is, but I get very few trolls. Glo, you got some real ovaries if you’re dealin’ with this level of nonsense every day. I drink wine in fetal position for totally different reasons. Great article!

  • Rebeccca Keys

    For the life of me, I will never understand why people who seem to hate people/blogs/authors/etc. so much proceed to read, follow, and troll said people/blogs/authors/etc. Some miserable people truly have nothing better to do with their lives.

  • Crazysexyfuntraveler

    OMG people are so stupid! And here I was thinking that only Slovaks are idiots 😂

  • I just can’t even with that comment about Americans not being privileged. A true sign of someone who has never left the country.

    Also, I will literally never understand some people’s deep-seated desire to call strangers terrible names over the internet over a simple difference of opinion.

  • Wow! These folks are something else! Keep doing your thing.

  • Paula Borowska


  • Wow..people are monstrous on cyber space. I realize when someone gains popularity the uglies crawl out of the woodwork. A couple of my articles went viral on Expatica ( big expat website in Europe) and I got insulted by just one troll who decided to comment under an anonymous avatar. He told me if I wasn’t happy in Europe, I should just go back to Africa. He also called my Africa a shithole..he got served for sure as I responded that he was a racist bigot..and as a traveler I was free to go where I so wished, then after a while I deleted his comments and my responses (not quite good for my brand). I will however adress it in my last post this go live on 31st.

  • Tali Shlafer

    I love this, Glo! You’re an inspirational badass <3

  • Rachel Heller

    I love your attitude!

  • The Traveling Island Girl

    Wow! I was initially shocked and saddened by all the hate spewing, racial remarks and insults. But then I finished reading the post. How you can keep your head cool and your chin up is a miracle to me but I think you are amaze-Balls to be able to handle this in such dignified manner, even given the haters their 5 seconds of fame in a blog post dedicated totally to them. Seriously, you deserve wings and whatever else you get with sainthood. I for one will continue to support, follow, promote and endorse you because you are simply Fantabulous.

  • The African Abroad

    Wow these comments are insane and very sad. Unfortunately, there are people out there that truly think these things! Glad you’re not letting it bother you!

  • Deedee

    The thing about trolls – the ones who choose to be nasty rather than be civil with their disagreement – it’s always obvious that it ain’t even about the author. It’s about their own angry behinds, and they’re tragically looking for targets. Be sure that anyone who keeps reading you so that they can get enraged and attack is just mad in life. “Sad!”

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  • Drwawifi

    The kind of persons who post such vile stuff had it coming…….well said globetrotter,well said.To all the other cool readers and fans out here….have a great 2017!!!

  • Holy crap, some of those comments made my jaw hit the floor. People are unbelievable in the worst possible ways.

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  • Oh, those pitiful, mean people. Glad you’re not letting it get to you! Also, boom, hilarious commentary.

  • Suki Suyu

    Haha this is my favourite post so far! I love how you defended yourself and your choices!! Brava cara. brava

  • Munchkins

    I just found your blog today and I think it’s amazing! I’m looking to start up my own black-woman-travel blog and it’s kinda daunting seeing the hate people can send 🙁 I know I’ll definitely need a thicker skin for this. But you’re awesome, and you’re a pioneer for all us ladies who love to travel and aren’t afraid to do it solo.

  • Khadijah Grant

    I can’t even read all of them because they are so nasty. Bottom line: You’re awesome!

  • omg I F*&^%$ LOVE you! You make me WISH for negative comments form hating mutha*&^%s just so I can unleash some hilarity on them. It is now my priority in 2017, my ultimate goal as a new blogger, to meet you one day! It’s one thing to ignore haters and rise above it all, but the way you stab ’em in the heart and castrate these jealous mofo’s with your words would make Lorraina Bobbit bow down and worship you! Girl, you just made my day. ps Why do you make us search all over your site to subscribe? Talk about playing hard to get!
    With love, your new fan April from

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  • Oui In France

    You are awesome. That is all. 🙂

  • LaToya Joy

    You’re so funny and I love all of your responses. Your an inspiration and I’m glad that you can block out all of those angry comments.

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  • Adlimad Etsuguased

    I absolutely love the last photo with the castle. I immediately imagined that someone inside had told you the MOST hilarious joke and you couldn’t take it. So you, being extra, ran away dying of laughter. Love it. Looooove it.

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  • Andi Williams

    I just found your blog and am truly inspired. This post was hilarious. I thoroughly enjoy this site and will continue to follow you on your journey. I am an aspiring travel blogger as well and your posts are inspirational and aspirational. Safe Travels. Thanks

  • Monica

    OMG how stupid, uneducated and close minded some people can be just baffles me. YOU KEEP DOING YOU! you’re an inspiration to others and myself (me being a young black Australian woman wanting to travel Europe next year). I love your blog!

  • Maria Teijmul

    If you could please block them and never address negative comments since they consume valuable time and because they have nothing useful to add to anyone’s life. A good friend once said ” if it’s not improving the quality of my life and or putting a good living wage and beyond in my pocked it is unnecessary and should be deleted”. Love you to the moon, and I am so glad you are doing something you love.

  • This was awesome!! People are terrible but the energy you give to it makes or breaks you and you are so winning!!

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