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Discovering the Urban Street Art Scene in Germany

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Street Art in Germany |
Weisbaden, Germany

While it’s easy to visit a country like Germany and focus on the beer, architecture, and men sights that bring in millions of tourists a year, I was so excited to be invited to go explore the urban street art scene that people may have overlooked otherwise.

Street art is such a powerful and often political form of expression that allows the public to have a voice, and use it in a creative way. While legal street art shouldn’t be confused with graffiti, there should definitely be an appreciation of the artistic vision behind both.

Last month, I along with a few other talented spirits (Kash, SabinaPeter, and Mark) rented a car and drove around Germany, stopping in Munich, Stuttgart, Weisbaden, Völklingen, Frankfurt, Cologne, Bremen, Hamburg, Berlin, and finally Leipzig.

Though I’ve been to Germany on several occasions, this was by far my most exciting visit, because I got to discover a side of it that’s overlooked by most. Not to mention meeting up with local artists in each city, having them show us some of their pieces around town, and even doing some live demonstrations!

Whether we were visiting the most underground spots for urban street artists, or touring the art galleries and exhibitions put on my locals, it was so inspiring to see art in its purest form.

What I love and admire most about street art is that it’s raw. It’s controversial. It’s a form of expression, and that expression could be love, hate, passion, or anything a person feels compelled enough to share with the world.

As a fellow creative, I have so much respect for this type of artistry. While not everyone can understand the true beauty behind urban street art, I hope this visual preview can give you a glimpse at another layer of what can make Germany such an incredible country to visit.

Street Art in Germany |
Kash getting some fun shots of Sab at the Hall of Fame in Frankfurt
Street Art in Germany |
Frankfurt, Germany
Street Art in Germany |
Stuttgart, Germany
Street Art in Germany |
Hamburg, Germany
Street Art in Germany |
Bremen, Germany


Street Art in Germany |
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*Disclaimer: This post was sponsored in collaboration with iAmbassador and the Germany National Tourism Board, but all opinions are my own.

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