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10 Countries With The Hottest Men In The World

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10 Countries With The Hottest Men In The World

Before we dive into the reason you pervs curious souls clicked this post to begin with, I have to preface by saying, while I haven’t been to every country in the world and will inevitably leave out many nationalities well-deserving of this list, I curated this based on my personal preference and my own travel experiences.

So don’t take my personal opinions as facts, but more so as one account of uhhm, research. Ha.

I’ve been traveling the world for over five years, spanning 65+ countries across 6 continents, so I’ve seen and dealt with thousands of men of all shapes, colors, and ethnicities. (Feel free to follow my Instagram (@glographics) for daily photos and stories on the road).

And while beauty comes in many forms, there’s a distinct liking my body eyes take to those when it comes to chiseled cheekbones, groomed facial hair, masculine postures, incredible fashion sense, and an overall pleasant demeanor.

So without further ado, here are my top 10 countries with the hottest hunks. AKA, plan your next vacations accordingly 😉

10. Cuba

Cuba - 10 Countries With The Hottest Men In The World |

Cubans have some of the most varied and melanin-rich tones in their skin. They have this beautiful mix of hazel and grey eye colors, mixed with curly, black hair, and vivacious personalities behind it.

Whether they’re swooning you on the dance floor with their moves or chatting it up on the block, they know how to charm their way to your hearts.

You know how you make eye contact with someone long enough to let them know you’re single interested, yeah, they do that well.

I locked gazes with a man whose eyes were the most beautiful olive color with dark, brown skin and it was at that point when I knew all atheists would be convinced, that there is indeed a God. For He hath blessed us with Cuban men.

9. Greece

10 Countries With The Hottest Men In The World |

Blame Greek mythology for creating characters like Zeus and his beloved seed Hercules, with sculpted bodies and chiseled frames. But I think the most attractive thing about Greek men is their dark features and thick, luscious hair.

I have a female hard-on thing for men who can keep a groomed goatee, adequately matching their mane, at all times.

They do this almost effortlessly, and their 5 o’clock shadows are actually just me creeping behind their faces, mastering the art of restraining orders flirting.

Greek men are just downright gorgeous, and I’d be lying if I said it was the great weather and delicious food that brought me there ten times in the last three years. Hey-ohhh!

8. Morocco

Morocco - 10 Countries With The Hottest Men In The World |

Once you get passed the catcalls every few minutes, and if you’re lucky, a couple shouts of “my beautiful Beyonce” or my favorite, “Yes we can, Michelle Obama!” then you’re well on your way to stealing of the hearts of these beautiful specimens.

Moroccan men have a gaze of gold, as their piercing dark eyes and thick eyelashes put you in a trance.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of locking lips eyes with a Moroccan man, life has yet to be lived to its full potential.

Some of them also wear what looks like black eyeliner, but is actually a cosmetic cultural remedy called kohl or surma, that can both protect from the harsh sun and strengthen the eyes.

Though this practice is common in the Arab world, its use is varied and sometimes archaic depending on who you talk to. But think Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean look, just without the horrible slurred pirate accent.

7. Israel & Palestine

10 Countries With The Hottest Men In The World |

In what turned out to be my most intense yet incredible travel experience this year, I detailed in this post how I admired the beauty of the Israeli and Palestinian people.

If not their olive-colored eyes and tanned skin, it’s their inviting spirits and hospitable hearts.

If not their full beards and warm smiles, it’s their honest words and passionate tones.

If not their rugged and stoic demeanor, it’s their eagerness in shouting, “WELCOME!” whenever possible.

The Middle East is filled with so much eye candy, if the western world just got over its ignorance about daily life in that part of the world, they’d get the opportunity to see one of the most intriguing types of beauty this planet is blessed with.

6. Spain

10 Countries With The Hottest Men In The World |

A single night out in Madrid during the summer is peak season for macho Madrileños to be out flaunting their expensive taste in cologne and perfectly groomed hair.

If you find one that can dance (this isn’t hard), prepare to feel like you just went to third base on the dance floor without taking off your clothes.

I was once so dumbfounded by their beauty, that when a man asked me where I was from, I instead out of excitement blurted out my name, “Gloria!” (Because you need to know the name of a person you fall in love with, duh, I reasoned in my head).

Too far along to correct my mistake, I had a fun time explaining how Gloria was in fact a city in California. And when he finally asked for my name, somehow being Gloria from Gloria still made sense in my head. Okay, stay cute, bye now.

5. Italy

Italy - 10 Countries With The Hottest Men In The World |

While I did write an article about the 10 worst pick-up lines I got from Italian men, it doesn’t mean their efforts were completely overlooked by their heavenly statures.

I constantly revere to them as God’s greatest gift to Earth, and all it takes is a day strolling around Milan, fashion capital of Europe, to wonder if impregnation via glance is a thing.

Italian men, much like Spanish/Latin ones, are touchy, expressive, playful, charming, sensitive, and confident beings. Whether it’s a first date or a fiftieth, they will treat you like a queen — second to their mother of course.

4. Germany

10 Countries With The Hottest Men In The World |

At first glance, German men can look quite intimidating. Their stoic perfection, brawny shoulders, and kinky obsession with always being on time make them even sexier.

They’re always dressed so impeccably that I wonder if they make love with their socks on, just because they’re sexy enough to get away with it. But I digress.

German men have a better vocabulary than half the American men I’ve dealt with, and them being so educated adds yet another layer of please father my kids sexiness to their package, no pun intended initially.

3. Serbia

Can you spot the German in this video? Because I've already mothered 3 of his kids in my head.

As a 5’9 chick (5’10 if my hair is having mood swings), meeting taller men always adds to the appeal. Serbian men tend to be quite tall and have faces that look like they should be insured for a few thousand dollars.

While Serbian women are equally as stunning and have me feeling like a troll alongside them, the men are truly a gift to the eyes. They tend to have a caramel-tone, light brown eyes, dark hair, and a great fashion sense.

I also find the Slavic language quite sexy, so whether they’re speaking in native tongue or accented English, both go right over my head as I’m lost in a gaze, entranced by their presence, planning our future nonexistent wedding mentally.

2. Sweden

10 Countries With The Hottest Men In The World |

Swedes are globally known as being walking, talking models. Straight out of a magazine they are, carrying themselves in a way that screams, “Yes I’m sexy, but I’m going to pretend I have no idea,” because they’re so damn humble too.

Being humble and shy also works to their advantage, because as this gorgeous blonde-haired beaut is staring at you, you’re trying to read whether you should flirt back, check for boogers, or get pregnant another drink on the spot.

They’re most fun after a couple drinks, and you can bet they’ll be at any and every type of music festival around the world, congregating, and collectively showing off their precious faces. God bless it.

1. Argentina

10 Countries With The Hottest Men In The World |

Latin passion mixed with Euro classicism puts Argentinian men at the number one spot in perhaps the easiest first ranking I’ve ever had to give.

The first Argentinian man I met was at a hostel reception desk a couple years ago.

He was confident, yet casual. Sexy, yet smooth. Charming, yet chill.

He played the guitar, knew how to sing, and his hair did this thing where it magically caressed his forehead and moved to the beat of my heart every time he looked another direction.

I found myself running back and forth to either side of him to call his name, just so I could watch his bangs do that cute little thing when he turned his head — exist.

Being in Argentina now, I find myself doing double-takes regularly and thanking God for my black skin so that they don’t see how red my cheeks flush every time strangers greet me with a kiss on the cheek – WHY CAN’T THIS BE A THING EVERYWHERE?

Argentina, whatever is in your sperm water, may your cup always runneth over. Amen.

Know a guy from one any of the countries I mentioned? Share this article with them and tell him to call me keep it up! From the bottom of our hearts and the top of our minds, we thank you.

Drop me a comment of countries you think should qualify for this list, so I can adjust my travel plans accordingly. For research purposes, of course. Cheers!

10 Countries With The Hottest Men In The World |
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