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Visiting Memphis: The Heart & Soul of the South

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Visiting Memphis: The Heart & Soul of the South | The Blog Abroad
Beale Street, Memphis, Tennessee

Visiting Memphis is like a religious experience, whether you believe in a higher power or not. It’s impossible to come here and not feel like this city is giving you a big, warm hug.

The character of the U.S. lies in the south, and Memphis might be the leading star. Whether you travel here for the food, the music, or the people — you’ll get a well-rounded combination and experience with all three.

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I had never heard more y’alls in one day before, but I’m pretty sure I was a southern gal in another life 😅

There’s this nurturing charisma about Memphis folks, and being here is a fun reminder of the varying accents that exist within the states.

Memphis is a place full of contrasts and charm. There’s so much bass in the heartbeat of this city, yet a soft-spoken melody to perfect its formula.

The heart and soul of this country lie in the south, and its story of pain, resilience, and freedom are what make it such a special destination.

Check out the video I made below highlighting everything I did and saw during my time in Memphis last month. Have you ever visited Memphis? Comment below!

Disclaimer: This trip was sponsored and paid for by Memphis Travel, but as always, all words, forced puns, and opinions are my own.

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