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Donkey Republic – 24/7 Bike Rentals Around the World

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Donkey Republic | TheBlogAbroad.com
Vienna, Austria

There’s no better thrill than biking through a new city, wind blowing through your hair, and you unleashing the child within.

Bike-riding is one of the most eco-friendly modes of transportation, and countries like the Netherlands and Denmark can be a biker’s paradise for navigating the city.

I once tried to rent a bike in Barcelona and failed, as I needed a national card to open up an account and unlock a bike. It was such a hassle.

Taxis are expensive and the metro can get extremely crowded during peak travel season. And that’s why I’m excited to introduce Donkey Republic, the 24/7 bike rental service around the world.

If you visit donkey.bike and watch the quick intro video on the home page, you’ll see exactly how it works.

Donkey Republic | TheBlogAbroad.com

It’s super simple! You download the app, find the nearest bike based on your location, unlock the bike through your phone, and you’re off!

There are dozens of hubs around the world, with new cities being added every so often that allow you to pick up or drop off your bike rental.

This is a self-service app, so there isn’t any person needed to help you with your rental.

When it comes to getting around in a new city, let’s face it — the best way to do it is overground.

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So far, you can find Donkey Bike hubs in major cities like London, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Budapest, Vienna, Madrid, Berlin, Auckland, Tokyo, Taipei, and more.

So how much does it cost? Well, it depends on where you’re renting it from. There are different price levels for different countries, cities, and locations in the city.

You can check the price for your preferred location and rental period by downloading the app and entering in the information requested.

Donkey Republic | TheBlogAbroad.com
Vienna, Austria

You pay directly online through the app, so yes, a credit or debit card is needed to make this work.

Once you book your bike, the next step is locating it.

You’ll see the bike name and its location on the map with a green pin. Be sure to check the bike name in the app and the confirm that it matches the one on the orange display panel you’ll find on the bike.

You can even use a nifty “UNLOCK” feature on the app, which lets the bike beep for 20 seconds in case you’re needing a bit more help locating it.

Donkey Republic | TheBlogAbroad.com
Inside the app | Donkey Republic

And if you find yourself needing more time, simply extend your rental period through the app, and choose how much longer you’d like to have it.

With the app, you’re in control! So let me know in the comments below if you’re the kind of person who enjoys biking around new cities while traveling, because I couldn’t recommend Donkey Republic enough!

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