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Ballin’ on a Budget in Bangkok!

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Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand

There’s nothing I love more than eating staining lavish grounds with my peasantry.

‘Twas the case for a few weeks during my time in Thailand back in October, where I felt like certified baller status was achieved due to the extremely low cost of living.

You ever feel so rich that you’re tempted to wipe your @%$ with money?

Me neither. But I’d be lying to say the thought didn’t cross my mind at least twice.

I imagine this is a daily struggle for someone like Beyoncé, but I digress.

Bangkok, Thailand

My ballerific days in Bangkok just reminded me that being a budget-minded traveler doesn’t have to mean that luxury is off limits.

Thailand was my first introduction to the continent of Asia, and nothing anybody could’ve told me would’ve prepared me for the money I would save and the massages I would crave in the lovely Land of Smiles.

So what’s it like to be ballin’, one peasant might ask another (myself asking myself), and the best way I can describe it is by listing off the things a baller could do in Bangkok.

And if you’ve been following my last two blog posts, you can even try your shot at winning a free flight to Ballerific Bangkok by downloading one of my favorite travel apps HERE.

And not only did I rank Thailand as the #1 most African-American Friendly Country in my travels, which you can see the full, hilarious video below, but I believe it to be one of the most affordable, as there’s a reason every long-term traveler starts their journeys there.

There are so many reasons why Thailand needs to be higher than Snoop Dogg on your bucket lists, and once you finish reading this post, I take zero responsibility for those that empty their savings and plan their 3-month getaway now.

So here’s a breakdown of the whos, whats, wheres, whens, and whys of the life of a baller in Bangkok (that would be me speaking in third person, because the baller is I, duh).


Bangkok, Thailand
Skyline view from my room at Novotel Bangkok Platinum Hotel
Bangkok, Thailand
Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Peasant who?
Bangkok, Thailand
Handwritten notes. Just like my imaginary boyfriend does. #swoon

While you can get away with $3/night hostels, it’s worth it to spend just a few more bucks to have your own space in the Executive Suite at a place like Novotel Bangkok Platinum in Pratunam Mall. Yes, in a mall. Can you imagine eating, bathing, shopping, and sh*tting all in one place? What a time to be alive.

Not only do you get buffet breakfasts, but you also get to enjoy it in a suite set apart from the one where commoners everyone else stays in the main lobby.

Bangkok, Thailand
It was an exhausting cycle rotating between the selection of desserts. #blessed

And if you’re staying for a month and want your own space, check out my chic and minimalist AirBnb that I rented for a couple weeks. And because I’d racked up enough AirBnb dollars, I stayed here for free. If you’ve never used AirBnb before, you can get $20 off your first stay using my code HERE. A great alternative for long-term stays in cities.

Bangkok, Thailand
Kitchen & washing machine, because nothing screams “I’M AN ADULT” like cooking noodles and changing loads within steps of each other. #HiHaters
Bangkok, Thailand
Bedroom. Where it all goes down. And by ‘it’ I mean the nutella sandwiches I’d make at 3AM. #StayMadHaters
Bangkok, Thailand
Living room, which doubled as a second bedroom when I was too lazy to walk all 5 steps to the bedroom. #StillHereHaters?
Bangkok, Thailand
My office desk, where I confused actual productivity with social media scrolling. #Typical

Did I mention we had a rooftop pool, helicopter pad for amazing views, a private gym, and jacuzzi?

Don’t worry, the gym was ignored as per usual. But I absolutely made use of everything else.

Bangkok, Thailand Bangkok, Thailand Bangkok, Thailand Bangkok, Thailand Bangkok, Thailand Bangkok, Thailand


I’ve lost count of how many friends have warned me of the inevitable sickness from eating the street food in Bangkok. But I can’t stress enough that if you choose to skip out on Thai street food out of paranoia, you’re missing out on an essential part of Thai culture.

Bangkok, Thailand
How could you say no to this face?
Bangkok, Thailand
Served with a smile, in typical Thai fashion 🙂

Just like no one makes those signature dishes better than your grandma or mother, Thai street food is practically the same.

You’ve got the best of the best out there putting their hearts into the food they cook, grinding all hours of the day, just so hungry tourists can chow down on $1 plates of fried rice and pork. We iz spoilt, ya heard?! SPOY-YULLED.

Bangkok, Thailand
Just remember, you don’t have to eat EVERYTHING. Say no to things that look like they’re still alive. *oink*


When it comes to transportation and safety in Bangkok, the two do not and can not coexist. It’s just simply the way things are.

If you’re concerned about the seatbelt-less drivers and millions of motorbikers that dominate the streets, you’ll have a miserable time.

In Bangkok, you’ll learn to accept that the rule-less roads are a way of life, so just do your best to stay alive when you’re out there like everyone else.

Not to mention, tuk tuks are the coolest way to get around — especially when in a group of two or more.

Bangkok, Thailand Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand
Catching my driver, catching me, catch him. #AWK


Bangkok, Thailand
From the heli-pad. #ThePeasantFiles

When I think of Bangkok, I can’t help but picture those magnificent skylines and skyscrapers stretching from all corners of the city.

Bangkok is a very big city, and it’s filled with fascinating juxtapositions of slum neighborhoods next to well-developed and money-making shopping and eating complexes.

Bangkok, Thailand
Livin’ on the edge — that would be a pun. Please laugh. Thanks.

Despite the gentrified areas, you can’t help but admire its view from the top. Staying at Novotel, you’ll get one of the best skyline views of central Bangkok from the Executive Lounge Floor. As well as those gorgeous rooftops of rented apartments.


Bangkok, Thailand Bangkok, Thailand Bangkok, Thailand

Thanks to TBEX (one of the largest conferences for those in travel media), we were treated to massages at Divana Spa, a place that I’ve officially declared holy enough for Jesus.

Part of Thai culture and their unwavering attempts to show you the utmost respect, they will bow until they can bow no more.

At one point, the lady bowed so hard, that she then resorted to kneeling on the ground and I was floored by her commitment. Get it? Floored?! Here all night, folks.

Bangkok, Thailand
Mmm… tastes like money. #LuxLife

I was amazed at every detail of this place. From the customer service, to the complimentary fruit and tea, to the miracles they worked in the form of straightening out my cripple of a back. Everything was on point!


Bangkok, Thailand
My entourage and camera crew following the 3 of us around after we were surprised with a shopping spree in a mall that could house a nation.

Another shout out to TBEX for sponsoring this pre-conference excursion, as we were treated to a shopping spree at the largest mall I’d ever stepped foot in.

Bangkok, Thailand
Post-shopping eats, because living like royalty is exhausting, and I need help counting these stacks.

The best part about all of this, is that my days averaged out to $10 – $15 of spending a day.

Outside of a couple clothing splurges on obligatory elephant pants and too-cute-for-words-patterned dresses, I was amazed at how far the dollar can stretch in Bangkok.

Bangkok, Thailand

If after all this, I’ve still failed to convince you that Bangkok needs to be your next getaway, then you have the right to punch yourself, because I did all I could do, and I blame you. And that’s my final answer.

Now don’t forget to download the Skyscanner app to help you start planning your Southeast Asia getaway, and click on the banner in the bottom right corner for your chance to win up to $1,000 of a flight! Only a few more days until the contest ends!

Share this with your wanderlust-worthy friends and I’ll see y’all in Bangkok!

Ballin' On A Budget in Bangkok
You IN it to WIN it? Then PIN it! Sorry, I’ll come up with a better tagline soon. Just not today.
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