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How To Travel & Not Make Your Friends Jealous

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London, UK |
London, UK // March 2016

If you clicked this article, chances are, you can relate to going on a trip, posting about it, and feeling the subconscious guilt from friends who commented, “ugggh, JEALOUS!” or “OMG, I want your life!” or my personal favorite, “I hate you!”

Ahhh, yes. Friends are great, aren’t they?

You see, before I left my 1-year home of Barcelona last July, I went on what turned into a crazy 4-month and 10-country spree around Europe and Southeast Asia with Busabout (see my 2016 itinerary here)!

Marrakesh, Morocco |
Marrakesh, Morocco // June 2014

And while it was the first time I truly tried out the nomadic life, I got a taste of this new kind of travel envy my friends back home must’ve felt, as venturing into new countries every week became my norm.

Of course it’s never my intention to make someone feel like Donald Trump sh*t about their own lives, but I can no longer feel bad about simply sharing my life on social media in the same manner people do about the things they love (i.e. kids, significant others, dogs, cars, etc).

But to help ease the envy others might feel and to help you better prepare for your own trip abroad, and the reaction others might have about it, here’s a quick 5-step guideline.


Bangkok, Thailand |
Bangkok, Thailand // October 2015

Because there’s nothing more climatic than one day posting from Phoenix, Arizona and the next day from Bangkok, Thailand.

Yes, that’s right.

Simply show up to your destination and let that be your travel announcement to everyone, that you’re indeed on vacation.

Nothing that really channels envy genuine happiness like a good ol’ surprise! 😉


Nha Trang, Vietnam |
Casually ruining a gorgeous view by picking a wedgie. #WifeyMaterial // Nha Trang, Vietnam

Seriously. Post a picture that’s almost perfect, but where there’s just enough room to show that you’re not Beyonce still human.

That way it leaves room for them to criticize you and still feel good about themselves.

Wow, Glo. You couldn’t at least do your hair while in Thailand? I mean, sheesh!


Facebook Status |
Ohhh, le struggle of Cyriot livin’.

And right when they feel good about your jacked up hair, that’s when you post that nonchalant status from *insert exotic location here*. With good intentions, of course.


London, UK |
London, UK // March 2016

So you’re a few days into your vacation and they’ve stopped liking your pictures, because it’s now apparent — they hate chu cuz dey ain’t chu. But it’s all good, yo.

Because you’re about to post that stunning sunset picture from the top floor of The Shard, while they’re barely beating rush hour to play the Eye Roll Game with their boss and incompetent co-workers.

But of course, the sunset picture is just because you want them to know you’re still alive and healthy, in the case there was a lingering concern.


Because nothing says, “I’M COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS UNTIL MY NEXT VACATION” like posting TBTs of your last vacation until… well, your next one.

But in all seriousness, it’s so easy to allow social media to serve as a long reel of comparisons of everyone else’s lives to ours.

And after a while, I’ve learned to make a conscious effort to not only try and share my experiences in a way that make people feel like I’m bringing them with me, but to share information that could help them start traveling too!

The minute we see one of our friends doing something, it makes it that much more believable and realistic that we could do that too! And that’s what it’s truly about. The empowerment.

So friends near and far, know that I was once stuck behind a screen, staring at travel photos all day long, planning my escape, until I was finally able to make it happen. And if that’s what you want for your life, good news!

I’ll be posting soon about the easiest ways to start traveling/living abroad! And if you’re way too anxious and think travel blogging might be your calling too, then check THIS out!

How To Travel & Not Make Friends Jealous |
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Facebook Comments

  • It’s kind of hilarious, I’ve been following your advice about social media, and now every time friends from Spain contact me it’s “Hey Daniel, are you in Madrid these days? You’re travelling so much!” I don’t know if they hate me or not, but they sure think I’m adventurous.

  • Deepika Gumaste

    Love your post 🙂 Truly, if instead we start getting upset with our friends who “hate” us, it will be such a wonderful thing. Point is- we realize- we are not just vagabonds. We are story tellers.

  • KB

    It’s really important to not only show the joys of travel but also how travel is accessible to mere mortals (non-travel bloggers), but it’s nice to stunt on ’em once in a while too! – Solid post Gl0.

  • Anytime friends don’t see me they assume I’m traveling! Some call me ‘globe-trotter’ and ‘world traveler’..I’m nursing a broken femur and planning my next escape. I wish my friends would understand that travel doesn’t have to be expensive, yes..mortals do travel!

    • The Balkans, yes! My favorite region of Europe ❤

  • Nnedi Ugo

    The SHADE. This cracked me up! I can tottaly relate to this! Nice read! Glooo girl!

    • But, but, WHAT shade? 😂😂😂❤❤❤

      • Nnedi Ugo


  • Nicolette Oladipo

    Awesome post! I stopped using my personal Facebook all together because of this. Sometimes it gets to a point where you have to remove people all together because of their toxic jealously and endless passive-aggressive behavior. Even when they ask for advice, many people are already set in their belief that they just “can’t” travel — but god forbid if you do and share about it! I do have my blog within my tiny corner of the Internet where I share things, but as for telling people outside of family and very close friends where I am? Done with that!

  • JustGoPlaces

    I avoid posting on my personal page because of this. very funny.

  • Farrin Stanton

    lmao this is great. I can totally relate
    to all of this…and I’ve found myself doing 1,2 & 5. I look forward to incorporating the others!

  • 20 Something Detour

    My friends and family post all about their new houses, marriages, jobs and children.. so why shouldn’t we make them a little jealous we a few happy snaps! I find they’re just jealous because they realise that their priorities are different from yours and maybe just maybe they wish they had gone the other route! Loved this post- definitely hits home!

  • Love this blog, came across it today on Bloglovin but it took me to your old site and I was thinking for such a great writer, and a direct person, I would expect that she had a comments page – the first article I read was the hate comments from last year. LOOOOOOOL Then I tried to tweet the article no luck. So I googled you. Stalker much? No, just curious. Anyway, I am glad I found my way here, this is an awesome post and I love love love to travel. I like to see myself as somewhat of a global citizen as I have lived in so many countries. I see you up there in my Vienna Vineyards – I am so glad I live here. Will be reading more of your blog.

  • Rae

    I loved this post and I can definitely relate. I used to have that guilt, but not anymore. And like you, I also try to share with my viewers how to travel for the low and produce travel guides for them. Sometimes it helps, but other times they are too focused on the envy. And they can stay stuck on it while I catch these flights.

  • Ulli Tomczyk

    It’s so, so true 😀 But you know what is my favourite? My friends tell me they are so jaelous, that I’m so lucky etc… But when I give them a proposition of a totally safe and FREE trip (like an exchange project) they have millions of reason why they can’t go because they are too busy/they are afraid to go alone/ something’s come up suddenly… I love this attitude <3

  • I love this post oh my God! :”D the SHADE! :’)

  • Cosmo Centre

    This is pretty timely. I am considering a move overseas and looking at Singapore, close to the Philippines, where my why is originally from. Any ideas? overseas education consultancy in trivandrum

  • Susanna Kelly

    Love this post! You have a new fan! 🙂 It’s nice that while we get all the “I hate you” from old friends back home we can find comfort in our travel friends.

  • A Pin On The Map

    This is great! I know my friends get sick of hearing about my travel adventures, but life is too short not to be excited about traveling the world! I love #1….think I am going to try it for my next trip 🙂

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  • Wonderful post, I know the feeling! When I post a backfie at a beach in Phuket and I get passive-aggressive comments right away. Or I get “Hello, Traveller” as greetings. Should I feel bad or glad? Lol! But now, I hesitate to post on my personal FB, it’s less fun than before, zZz.

  • Ashley Danho

    Hahaha i’m definitely following your blog!! I did all those steps before realizing there is an article about that. Blogs are good that way, we may be lonely but we’re not alone!! Solo travellers 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  • I stopped posting on my personal page too. But you know what, friends post about their marriages, babies, engagement, anniversaries, new cars e.t.c. Why not post ours? You never know who you inspire.
    Besides, you can unfriend and block people. But I think the best way is creating a page to share your adventures or post on facebook groups.
    Sometimes I would post on my FB profile to see if I have a friend in a city that i’m planning to visit and try to make plans. I have friends from all over the place, so some of my friends get excited about my travel pics.