“Welcome to The Blog Abroad’s YouTube Channel!”

— Jan. 7, 2016

This was my first YouTube video made as an introduction to me, my blog, and what kind of messages you can expect on this channel. Ultimately, my hope is that you guys can come away from my videos educated, inspired, or entertained.

“The 5 Most Confusingly Hilarious British Pronunciations”

—  Jan. 15, 2016

While the British accent is heavenly enough for Jesus Himself, there are five words I just can’t get over when it comes to the British pronunciation in some regions of the UK.

Through the laughs and embarrassments on my own discoveries while living in England, I hope you can enjoy, relate, or be entertained by this.

Disclaimer: If you’re British and think my accent is horrendous, please join the club innit! Nope, still can’t use that word right.

“The 5 Most African-American Friendly Countries”

— Jan. 23, 2016

One of the most emailed questions I get to my inbox, is about countries that are African-American friendly. So what exactly does that mean? Watch the video and see!

And while it’s important to realize every African-American will have their own unique experience, I just wanted to highlight the most pleasant experiences I’ve received through my 30 countries of travels.

“Revisiting My High School & Dark Past”

—  Feb. 9, 2016

To be honest, I shot this 2 weeks ago, and every time I tried to put this together, I broke down in tears. This has by far been one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to publish.

So many people came into my life when I became established and somewhat successful. But not many people knew the repulsive train wreck I was for the majority of my life.

When I went to revisit my high school and speak to some of the classes I sat in as a student, I was forced to relive a dark part of my past that I sometimes forget existed.

There are so many golden lines in this video, so please, watch it in its entirety when you have a chance. Because there’s a message in it for everyone, no matter who you are or what you’re going through in life.

You’ll laugh, cry, and hopefully understand a bit about why I’m so passionate about life.

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