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3 Awkward Mishaps Abroad That Travel Insurance Covers

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Wadi Rum, Jordan |

Traveling without insurance these days is like going on a Tinder date without an escape plan. Except you can’t undo and unmatch a real-life accident — which, if you’re of my special breed of clumsy, is probably inevitable.

I wrote about everything you need to know about travel insurance a few weeks back, and now I’m writing a follow-up post listing some of my quirky stories and mishaps that happened while abroad that travel insurance would have my back for.

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That time I went commando in Thailand

Koh Phangan, Thailand |
Koh Phangan, Thailand

Okay, so before the judgments roll in by the barrel, I’d like to preface by saying nothing and accepting them, because I deserve it.

I landed in Koh Phangan island, but my bags did not.

I tried to shop for new undergarments that would engulf my 27 years of cornbread and soul food, but to no avail.

My bags were delayed by 3 days and since then, I learned that you should always pack a couple extra outfits and undies in your carry-on in case this happens.

My policy with Allianz Travel Insurance has baggage delay coverage, and that comes in handy when you need to buy things to replace what didn’t arrive with you.

That time I ran with the bulls in Spain

Pamplona, Spain |
Being hoisted in Pamplona by a group of Madrileños for being the only “morena” in the arena

Though I was misinformed on the [mal]practice of this tradition three years ago and did it for the sake of crossing it off my bucket list, I later learned that the same day I decided to run, there were four guys who were gored, and one who was even pierced through his thigh.


Even though engaging in this “cultural” craze was a risk in itself, if I needed any emergency medical assistance, my travel insurance would have covered it.

That time I hiked in flip flops in Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil |
Also shamelessly brought a cute shirt and skirt to throw over my sweaty clothes cuz #DoItForTheGram

Again, with the judgments — I can hear them all the way through the screen. The reality is, when you live out of a suitcase, you’re limited to two shoe options, maybe three if you’re fancy.

I have heels and flip flops. Both incredibly ideal for hiking right? Ha.

I didn’t want to miss out on the view atop Dois Irmãos in Rio de Janeiro, so I sucked it up, and only broke my pinky toe suffered minor scabs and bruises on my feet afterwards.

The hike was steep, about an hour and a half long, and I could smell death with every step.

It was the making of the perfect collapse and headline — “American travel blogger attempts to climb mountain in flip flops. Realizes she isn’t superwoman. Fails gloriously.”

Luckily, I got the shot from the top, and I survived to share it on Instagram #GOALS. So you won’t be seeing me in any headlines, but shout out to Allianz who would’ve had my back if you did!

You can get a free quote below and don’t hesitate to ask any questions about my policy below in the comments!

Any travel mishaps you wish you had insurance for?

Disclaimer: This was a sponsored post paid for by Allianz Travel Insurance, but as always, all opinions and words are my own.

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  • Christine Morgan

    Lol! Love the post! You seem fearless! I like that! Hope you continue to travel safely and with insurance!

  • Practical Wanderlust

    I’m 100% accident prone too and I would NEVER travel without travel insurance!

  • Brooklyn

    Travel insurance is SO important. My in-laws just found that out yesterday after me telling them over and over to get the insurance. I never travel without you, you never know what may happen!

  • I also have Allianz, they saved my life a couple of times already and it´s not a metaphor. I do have proper hiking shoes and haven´t lost my baggage yet (I feel it´s coming) but I had bad dengue back in Cambodia and recently broke my spine in a car accident. I love their approach, they are always kind, polite and never forget to ask how I´m doing. And they really try to help with everything even if the other party (hospital) is extremely hard to communicate with. (Like, I can´t get a medical report out of those guys for some reason but Allianz is still chilled.) Plus they even offer stuff I didn´t even ask for instead of arguing about what they won´t pay for. Can´t recommend them enough.

  • JJ Zazzy

    That time I almost died on a Mexican bus, twice (and it’s not what you think)

    While visiting friends in Mexico City, we took a bus to visit Coyoacan, a cool neighbourhood in the south of the city. I’d had a really bad cough and cold for about a week on this vacation, but was refusing to let it slow me down. But whatever the combination of elevation, air quality and my personal sickness, I started coughing so bad I starting choking. All while standing and swaying on a crowded city bus. The locals looked on as the gringa hacked, wheezed and sprayed, until my embarrassed friends pulled my water bottle from my backpack and hauled me off the bus 3 stops early to catch my breath. They also took me to a pharmacy and bought me some heavy duty medication that eased the coughing but didn’t mix so well with tequila…

    Unrelated, 3 days later, I took a longer distance bus sola into Cuernavaca. Just before departure, an employee jumps on the bus and starts taking my picture. I had selected the very front seat when I bought my ticket, which meant I was the first photo. It probably showed a look of confusion, until I realized they were taking photos of everyone, not just the gringa in the vacation hat. In broken Spanish, I asked the nice old man next to me “¿porque?” He explained for “security reasons”, but I realized that it was in case the bus drove off a cliff so they would have pictures of everyone to show on the news… how morbid. In the end, this bus trip passed without incident.