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If you’ve been frantically refreshing my Facebook timeline for the last 30 minutes, I both chuckle and applaud your committed stalkery.

But let’s face it, when it comes to travel, who doesn’t want to if the opportunity presented itself!?

As I’ve been so fortunate to now tally 26 countries in 2.5 years, many of those countries multiple times, I can’t explain how much it’s done for my life, my perspective, and my happiness.

As you and I have been drooling over some of the places I’ve been to recently as I’m wrapping up my tour through the Balkans, I can’t imagine how much more it’d mean to be able to give this experience to someone who doesn’t get to do this as often or perhaps can’t sacrifice as much as I did to live a nomadic lifestyle.

In partnership with Busabout, my new favorite way to travel around Europe, we’re holding a contest to give the gift of a lifetime to ONE lucky winner!

“But what exactly do I win, Glo???” you ask with your fervent, puppy eyes as your tongue hangs out your mouth in Pavlovian-style anticipation. There, there, precious one. Allow me to explain with the help of this pretty cool video:

Now how much fun does that look? This has been my life for the past month and a half and I still can’t quite grasp the fact that I’m getting the opportunity to get one of YOU guys on this adventure of a lifetime as well.

So check it out, here are some of the loops, cities, and countries you can choose from, customize, and combine with 6 stops:


So now the most important thing, how can you win??? Simple!

Step 1: Upload your favorite travel picture to Instagram.
Step 2: In the caption, explain why you’re all about the freestyle travel culture that Busabout promotes (see @glographics gallery for ideas).
Step 3: Tag at the end of the caption @busabouteurope @glographics #IWantToBusAbout #Freespirited and #Busabout hashtags so we can collect each entry and so that I can help with the selection for the finale!
Step 4: Upload as many as you want between the 9th of September and the 15th of September (midnight GMT).
Step 5: Wait to see which pictures are chosen for the finale, and if you’re picked, we’ll publish the link to share with friends to begin voting from 16th of September to the 22nd of September! Whoever has the most likes at the end of the voting period wins!

Pretty self-explanatory, right?

So what kind of pictures make good submissions? Think of your creative shots, your fun shots, your breathtaking shots, and ultimately the shot that represents why YOU more than anyone else deserve to win this contest! Here are some of my favorites I’ve taken from the past few weeks:

Gjirokastra, Albania
Budva, Montenegro
Gjirokastra, Albania
Salzburg, Austria
Parga, Greece
Athens, Greece
Rome, Italy – hahahaha. J/K, hey Paris boo!

May the best man/woman/animal (we don’t discriminate) win!

Read full terms & conditions here.

P.S. Bribery in the form of Nutella jars is prohibited, however, deliveries made after the voting period are welcomed and graciously accepted.

P.P.S. Seriously. Send me Nutella if you love me. Thanks.

  • i love your photos! where exactly was that taken, the one in Paris rooftop? would love to go there someday! <3